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 Featured Student: Justine Gabany 




What’s your intended career path?

I will graduate at the end of this semester with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. I will begin Doctorate School of Physical Therapy at Slippery Rock University in the fall. I would like to study abroad at some point during my physical therapy education. I would enjoy working with amputee and wound care patients.


What piece of advice can you offer to students considering SRU?

The advice I would give students when considering coming to Slippery Rock University is to come visit the school and talk to professors in the majors you are interested in. As a freshman, it may be difficult to decide what major is best for you. I would recommend taking the time and figure out what you are passionate about. If you are not passionate for what you are studying, you will not enjoy your college classroom experience. Slippery Rock University is a beautiful campus that allows for many opportunities, but each student should make sure a “rock” solid education is right for them!

What learning opportunity outside the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?

The most beneficial learning experience I have had outside the classroom has been my international travel to England, Ireland, France, and Italy. Each student needs to consider taking the time to travel to a foreign country even if it is over spring break or studying abroad for an entire semester. The opportunities I gained from meeting people from other cultures are infinite. Traveling has opened my eyes to the true marvels of our world and has allowed me to create memories I will never forget. I truly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and traveling to new places.

How have you engaged in the ES culture?

I am the President of the Pre Physical Therapy Club. I have been a member of the Exercise Science Society, Major Fitness, and Resistance Training Workshops. I have been an Applied Anatomy Lab Assistant for two years, and was an Exercise Physiology Lab Assistant. Through involvement in ES culture, I have been able to make connections with my professors and peers. Each student needs to be involved in activities through ES and around campus. 

What were your reasons for selecting SRU?

I decided to attend Slippery Rock University because of the 3+3 Exercise Science/Physical Therapy track. Also, I found the setting of Slippery Rock to be a perfect place to start my undergraduate education. The campus is beautiful, and the campus only keeps growing. Lastly, I decided to attend SRU because of the friendliness of the students on campus. I instantly felt I was accepted into a culture that prides themselves on a top knotch education and professors that want to see you succeed.

What learning opportunity in the classroom has been the most beneficial for you?

The most beneficial learning opportunity in the classroom has been personal training with a client from the community. Senior Synthesis allows for senior exercise science students to create exercise prescriptions for a client from the community. I am able to take the knowledge I have gained from each of my Exercise Science classes and apply it to a real life situation. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity during my undergraduate degree to work one on one with a person and help them achieve their wellness goals.

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