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 Graduate Assistantships 



ALL positions for the 2012-2013 academic year have been FILLED
Supervisor:  Kimberly J. Keeley

Position:  Certified Athletic Trainer

Job Description:  The purpose of this postion is to assist in maintaining consistent sport coverage and care.  This will be done while assisting the faculty certified athletic trainers with their coverage of practice and games (excluding class/academinc conflicts) limited to 17.5 hours per week.  The graduate assistant will also serve as a supervised Clinical Instrcutor for those athlteic training students assigned to him/her for supervised instruction.

Job Functions/Responsibilities:

  • Along with those listed above, the graduate assistant will participate in the six performance domains of the BOC (according to the Role Delineation Study) when treating varsity intercollegiate athletes.

  • He/she will assist the certified athletic trainers in making arrangements with other allied health/medical personnel in all aspects of a physical nature pertaining to the athletes.  This includes, but is not limited to, pre-participation screenings and physicals, imaging, surgeries and procedures, physician appointments and other medical referrals.

  • The G.A. will maintain all athlete medical records from treatments rendered, advise and educate coaches on conditioning, nutrition, ergogenic aids and preventative programs as well as any area related to the health and welfare of the athletes.

  • Under the supervision of SRU Certified Athletic Trainers the G.A. will perform all other duties as assigned.

Desired Qualifications:

  • BOC Certification

  • PA Athletic Trainer Certification  

  • First Aid and CPR Certification

Graduate Student Outcomes:

  • Learn administrative duties, communication skills and supervision and education of undergraduate students.

  • Be able to utilize the skills they have acquired as a certified athletic trainer with the duties and responsibilities given to them by the SRU ATC’s.

Supervisor’s Expectations:

  • The graduate assistant will be expected to assist the certified athletic trainers with coverage of practice and games (excluding class/academic conflicts) limited to 17.5 hours per week

  • He/She will also be required to attend bi-monthly ATEP staff/student meetings and certified meetings (as their academic scheduling allows)

Contact Information:

Office:      319 Patterson Hall
               Slippery Rock University
               Slippery Rock, PA   16057
Phone:     (724) 738-2621
Fax:         (724) 738-4890

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