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 Why Choose SRU Athletic Training? 



Board of Certification Exam Results

Graduate in 3.5 years or 7 semesters...or follow the traditional 4 year path

      Students who are not taking pre-requisite courses, dual majoring or pursuing a minor are on track to graduate in December of their senior year.  By graduating in 3.5 years, our students enter the job force before their peers at other universities, making them more competitive for employment and graduate assistantships in graduate school.  Additionally, graduating in December creates opportunity to pursue “externships” with organizations such as Disney’s Wide World of Sports, professional baseball and other areas of interest.  Students can also complete the program in the traditional four (4) years by completing necessary liberal studies and electives during the last semester. 

Cohort Matriculation

      Students matriculate through the Athletic Training Program (ATP) in a cohort of 18-26 students.  They enjoy a built-in support system of their peers with whom they utilize team work to progress through the ATP. 


Course Sequencing

      The ATP follows a highly structured sequencing of courses the builds on the learning over time model of professional progression.  Each major course builds on the next, gradually increasing the level of difficulty and the level of expectation on the student.  All of the major courses are taught by one of the certified athletic trainers on faculty who work together to ensure that the knowledge and skills taught in class are practiced in the clinical education setting.  

National & Regional Scholarships

      Rock Athletic Training Students have been awarded many national, district and state athletic training scholarships since 1990.  The ATP faculty works hard to identify other on and off campus scholarships to nominate students for.  

Incentive Scholarship for sophomores

      The Esther Lynne Geissel Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a sophomore student who has demonstrated academic and clinical excellence.  It is awarded to a sophomore in order to serve as incentive to continue working toward excellence.  

Gender Equity

      All of our athletic training students work with any of our sports regardless of gender.  For example, our female students who are assigned to the athletic trainer working football interact with the football players the same way the male students do.  

Sport Participation

      We accommodate athletic training students who are also recruited to play a varsity sport at SRU.  It will take at least one additional semester to complete the clinical education component of the ATP in order to accomplish this. 

Strong Mentoring & Professional Role Modeling

      One of the guiding philosophies driving our program is professionalism.  Because the certified athletic trainers on faculty teach all of our major courses AND supervise the students in their clinical education, it affords us the opportunity to establish strong mentoring relationships with our students and role model appropriate, professional and ethical behaviors.

18 Varsity Sports

Athletic training students are assigned to the certified athletic
trainers on campus who work with Rock varsity athletics.
Students have the opportunity to work with a multitude of sports
and gain diverse sport experiences.

"I do not think there is another program out there that has the professors and students work one on one as much as SRU ATP does."

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