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 A conversation with AT ROCK ALUMNI: 



1.  Why did you choose Slippery Rock Athletic Training  Program (ATP)?

“I picked SRU ATP as it was a reputable program close to my hometown.  I learned more about it during my summer orientation and made my decision to enroll.”---Tony House

“SRU ATP has the best educational staff and the best “hands on” experience.”---Jeff Cienik

“When I went to college fairs in high school, Slippery Rock was recommended by other colleges for athletic training.---Jesse Townsend

2.    Why did you choose to become an athletic trainer?

“I decided to be an athletic trainer as there were various areas/fields that athletic training would prepare me for in sports medicine.”---Tony House

“As an athlete in high school, I wanted to continue with sports as a career.  Athletic training keeps me involved helping young athletes to reach their goal.”---Jeff Cienik

3.    Did you go to graduate school, and if so, for what and where?

“Tennessee Tech University-Instructional Leadership”

“University of Nevada, Las Vegas-Biomechanics; University of Pittsburgh-Neuromuscular aspects of sport injury (Biomechanics and Epidemiology)”---Tony House

“Slippery Rock University-Exercise Science”

“University of Pittsburgh-Athletic Training/Sports Medicine”---Jesse Townsend, Class of 1995

“California University of Pennsylvania-Rehabilitative Science”---Becky Pizer

“Indiana University-Athletic Training”---Jodi Lohr

4.    What kind of setting do you work in?

“Department of Justice-Federal Bureau as RN/ATC”

“Professional USL-D2 Soccer”

“Research/Military”---Tony House

“K-12 assistant athletic trainer/teacher/coach”---Brian Vaught,

“Management of a hospital outreach program”---Jesse Townsend

“College-DIII with 20 sports”---Jodi Lohr and Becky Pizer

5.    What other healthcare professionals do you work alongside?

“Doctors, physician assistants, registered nurses, EMT-P’s”

“Physical therapists and orthopedic doctors”

Epidemiologists, exercise physiologists, physical therapists, strength coaches, nutritionists, and biomechanics”---Tony House

“Pediatricians and neuropsychologists”---Jeff Cienik

6.    Do you have a family/kids

“I am married with three kids.”

“Not yet but I am planning on it.  Do two dogs count!?”---Tony House

“Yes, I have a wife and two daughters.”---Jeff Cienik

7.    What was your first job after graduating from the SRU ATP?

“Graduate assistant for the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and a sports injury research center”---Tony House

“Athletic trainer for an outreach physical therapy clinic."---Jeff Cienik

“Summer internship with the New York Jets”---Brian Vaught

“Athletic trainer at Butler High School”

8.    What was your favorite part about your time in the SRU ATP?

“The hands on learning experiences and the strength and integrity of the faculty to assist inside and outside of the classroom.”---Tony House

“Believe it or not, the hours spent with rehabilitation of athletes.  It was always a fun time.”---Jeff Cienik

“The friends that I made and networking”---Brian Vaught

“The ability to practice hands on responsibilities.  There is a lot of “hands on” experience.”---Jesse Townsend

“The friendships that we made!”---Jodi Lohr and Becky Pizer


Athletic Training Alum Eric Avila is featured in the new Rock Magazine. Click here to read about his experiences working as an Athletic Trainer for the Atlanta Falcons.

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