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  News from Alumni A-G 



News From Alumni A-G

Steve Alfrena, G&ES '98. Things are going well out here in the great west [Las Vegas]. I am currently teaching 8th grade geography at Von Tobel Middle School and enjoying it. I use the computer a great deal in class. The school district gave me a Mac power book laptop and I use it every chance I get. The school has a projector to hook-up to it and the students love seeing actual pictures and maps from other countries. I use Cartpedia with the students to give them an introduction to what a region or specific country is like. Our school was chosen as one of five in the district to get the laptops and projectors and as long as we do five lessons with the computer we get to keep the computers for personal use for as long as we stay at the school. Last week the PBS station from Nevada came in and interviewed me for a possible program they want to air on media technology in the classroom. I really felt honored that my school administration suggested that they come and talk to me being that I am just a first year teacher! (4-6-99)

Amy Algoe-Eakin, G&ES '99.  Greetings from Kansas City, Kansas! I just wanted to let you know that on Monday, the 23rd of September, I am an official employee of the EPA. I am part of a program entitled the EPA Internship Program, where for 2 years I am able to study the EPA and rotate into different offices and spend a 2 month rotation in D.C. at the EPA headquarters there. There are opening and closing conferences and the Internship group works on a field study project and basically gets to develop their career paths through the next 2 years at the agency. I have to say I am very honored and humbled to be a part of the EPA; it's something I have thought about for a long time. I work in the Air, RCRA, and Toxics Division in the Air Planning and Development Branch. ...There are about thirteen people in my division. From what my understanding is thus far of the branch, we do various things, such as working with States to develop and implement their SIP's (State Implementation plans), work on mobile sources of pollution and manage grants to the states as well as program approvals. I am sure that those are much more complex than they sound but from my experiences at present that is the info I can offer. It's very exciting and I am proud to represent Slippery Rock University... I didn't arrive in Kansas City on my own, I had excellent support from my college coursework and experiences.  (9-26-2002)

Megan Andring, BS in Environmental Geoscience: Environmental Science, German minor, Business Administration minor '07.  Megan is a graduate student in the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. (10/07)

Jim Andrews, BS in Geology '02. Jim works for the Pottsville (PA) District Mining Office of the Department of Environmental Protection. (9/06)

Lisa M. Andrews,BS in Environmental Studies with a minor in Cartography '97.Hi everyone. I just wanted to let you know that I found a job! My position is an Environmental Scientist with a company called GHR Consulting Services. For the first 1-2 years I will be responsible for environmental investigation phase I and II site assessments, sampling and analytical results evaluation. After that I will be trained for a position as a Project Manager. ...My Cartography Minor will come in handy, as GHR makes thematic maps occasionally. Wish me luck! Lisa M. Andrews, 2958 North Charlotte St., Gilbertsville PA 19525. (3-3-98)

Mark Anthony, BS in Environmental Science '94. Associate Environmental Scientist, Eichleay Engineers, Inc.

Ralph Asplen, BS in Applied Gegoraphy with a minor in Cartography '87.Just a little note to keep you up-to-date on things back here. I'm still in the Master's Program at Rutgers, pursuing an M.S. in Geography with a concentration in GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, etc. I'm becoming a "techie", at least on paper. I find digital photogrammetry very interesting, with more applications popping up all the time. I hope to be able to apply it to landuse/landcover planning and monitoring. ...My wife and I were blessed with a son, Warren Abraham, Nov. 16, 1995. ...Well, I've taken enough of your time. This e-mail address [] is my work address. If you have difficulty getting through to it (the DEP internet connection seems a bit spotty) then I have an address at home:; also at school: ...tell all that I said hi! (2/96)

Tracy Bailey,BS in Environmental Science '94, with a minor in Geology. Environmental Lab Services (ELS)

Jennifer Barborak, BS in Environmental Studies '02. Jennifer is Environmental Scientist/Laboratory Administrator at Wallace & Pancher, Inc. in Hermitage, PA and Founder and a member of the Board of Directors at Shenango River Watchers, Inc. (10/2008)

Eric Barefoot, BS in Environmental Planning and Geology '97.    I graduated in '97 with a BS in Env Planning and Geology.  I am working for Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior consultant to the Headquarters Air Force / Air National Guard Environmental Engineering Division at Andrews Air Force Base, MD (8-25-03). I help them manage their environmental investigation and remediation projects across the country. I currently do contract management and technical oversight. I spent about 3 years drilling and doing other field work with an environmental engineering firm.  I now use that experience in consulting.  I have been using the geology side of my studies in my career to date.  However, I have recently been using the geography side by getting involved in the Air Force GEOBASE GIS program to be implemented across the Air Force.  Eric Barefoot, Booz Allen Hamilton HQ ANG/CEVR, ph 301-836-8830, fax 301-836-8121.

Matt Batina, BS in Geography: Applied Geographic Technology, Information Technology minor '07. Matt is attending graduate school at the University of Southern Mississippi. (10/07)

Doniele BeckAndrus, BS in Applied Geography and BS in Geography and Environmental Planning '01.  Doniele has a shared greenways and environmental planner position as of March 2008. It is a new position and the first one in Pennsylvania. It is state funded for 8 years.  Doniele works in Lawrence and Beaver Counties implementing their greenways plans. (2/09)

Dave Behringer,BS in Geology '90.   Dave is a project manager with Atwell Hicks of Solon, Ohio. (12/05)

Richard Bell,BS in Applied Geography '90.HI ! ... I have been working for Michael Baker Corporation as a Upper Level GIS Development Analyst, mostly using ArcInfo, Oracle and Informix. ... I like it. I get to travel from time to time and tomorrow I'm leaving for the disaster area of Salisbury, Pennsylvania, to do a traffic survey. I see other SRU grads working for Baker such as Dianean and Casey. Well this is my e-mail ( (6-7-98)

Eric Best,BS in Environmental Studies '00.   Eric is an Environmental Education Specialist at Jennings Environmental Education Center in Butler County. (2/04)

Cindy Bish, BS in Environmental Studies '06. Cindy and her friend Mary have opened Organics and You.  They will offer various organic products as well as services such as yoaga and Tai Chi classes and massages. (10/07)

James Bogdan,BS in Environmental Science '91. J. L. Robert Kimball & Assoc.

Clinton A. Bonetti,G&ES '93.I am married with one child. My wife, Marienne, is a 1994 SRU grad. My daughter Ava is 1-1/2 years old. I work for the Southwestern Pennsylvania Regional Planning Commission in Pittsburgh. My work phone is 412-391-5590, extension 349. Home is 549 Third Street, Apt. 1, Pitcairn, PA 15140, 412-372-2056.

Mark Booher, BS in Applied Geographic Technology '06. Mark is doing GIS work for the Army Corps of Engineers in the Pittsburgh area. (8/06)

Lauren Borger, BS in Environmental Studies '05. I work for an environmental consulting firm, BJAAM Environmental, Inc. out of Canal Fulton, Ohio which has about 50 employees. I started as a Field Technician collecting soil and water samples but have moved to the position of Project Manager where I am responsible for a major oil company's environmental work. This includes composing reports and risk assessments of specific chemicals found in petroleum products. We complete site investigations that evaluate the extent of petroleum contaminated soil and ground water. Most of our work takes place in the states of Ohio and West Virginia. I have been with BJAAM since September of 2005.

I am also exploring the idea of going to grad school in the future (maybe next fall) so there may be some big changes ahead. (09/06)

Chris Bova,BS in Applied Geography '02.Here's an update from Chris.  I have been working for the Westmoreland County Department of Planning and Development since 2007. Currently I hold the position of Deputy Director.  Addesss: Westmoreland County, Department of Planning and Development, 5th Floor, Suite 520, 40 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Greensburg, PA 15601. (11/10) 

Hemi Braunstein,G&ES '96.reports that he is working for InfoTrax, a company that develops land information systems for "tracking today's information with tomorrow's technology." Contact Hemi at InfoTrax, Inc., 90 Beta Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15238, (412) 963-0465, or

Melissa Sloan Brewer,BS in Applied Geography '91.Consultant. PEDA, Inc. Planning & Economic Development Associates, 428 Gibson St. Ext. South, P.O. Box 2A, Eau Claire, PA 16030. email:, revised 10-30-05)

Justin Bridge,EGEO '03. Justin is an environmental geoscientist for the environmental consulting firm, URS Corporation, of Pittsburgh.

Kim Briggs,G&ES '95.Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! I have been working with a land surveyor and have taken an AutoCAD class. Everything is going well! Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season. I'll try to stop in to visit in the spring. Kim Briggs, P.O. Box 11, Pocono Pines, PA 18350-0011.

Gary Britt,BS in Environmental Science '92, with a minor in Geology. Environmental Scientist, Conoco Environmental Services

Thomas Brittner,G&ES '01.Tom completed a Master's degree at the School of Development Studies at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England.  After that Tom taught English in a town southwest of Bangkok, Thailand and enjoyed traveling around southeast Asia.

Roger Browning,G&ES '87.I am currently working in Herndon, VA with MRJ Technology Solutions, a consulting firm, as a GIS Analyst/ Project Manager. I am working with NIMA (DMA) products for the most part, such as VMap 1, Urban Vector Maps, and just recently starting into imagery. I am part of the quality assurance team and sometimes help with development using ARC/INFO software on UNIX and NTs. I have been in the Geography field for over ten years now. I hope all is well ... with the Dept. I'll take this opportunity to thank you again for your help with my internship (ten years ago!) and to thank all of the professors who helped make my education at SRU a success. I enjoy my work in geography to this day!

John S. Buly,G&ES '95....I am still alive and kicking. Since graduating... I have been extremely busy. ...I was working as a Planner for the County of Lawrence last year. I decided to leave Lawrence County, in August, and take a position as a Land Use Planner with the Mercer County Regional Commission. ...I recommended Nicole [Artzberger], a recent SRU graduate to fill my position. Thus, Nicole has since been hired at Lawrence.... Jeff Gilliland has informed me of the Department's new Cartography/GIS lab. That is great news! I just wish the Lab could have come a year earlier. Nevertheless, it's a comfortable feeling knowing the Department is committed to providing their students with the tools (e.g., technology) needed to compete in today's society. My office number is 962-5787.... (9/96) 

Robert (Bob) Burger, BA in Geology '90.  I recently departed environmental consulting with Fourth River Company to reawaken my passion for art.  Soon, my franchise of Fastframes will open in Cranberry Township.  Inspiration for this enterprise occurred while completing illustrations for the Pittsburgh Geological Society’s publication that describes a walking tour of Pittsburgh’s building stones.  [Let’s support Bob, a past president of PGS, by sending a print his way for framing this year.  Call (412) 369-7936, after about 1 May 2004]  (6/2004)

John Burglund,BS in Environmental Science '98.I am currently employed as an Environmental Planner at MS Consultants, Inc. in Coraopolis, PA. I am involved mostly in transportation projects such as bridge rehabilitations and replacements, as well as new roadway construction. I have conducted Phase I and II ESA's, wetland delineations, stream assessments, noise monitoring, public meetings, GPS and GIS work, as well as written Categorical Exclusions and Environmental Assessments. Currently we are working for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission on an EIS for the Southern Beltway Transportation Project. John Burglund, Environmental Planner, MS Consultants, Inc., 412-264-8701.

John Burton,G&ES '96.  I recently accepted a hydrologist position with Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. (EEC) located here in Phoenix, AZ. The job entails Phase I and II environmental site assessments/audits, surface and subsurface soil assessments, asbestos and lead-base paint surveys, groundwater assessments (qualitative and quantitative), remediation, environmental compliance, landfill evaluations and closure plans, air quality compliance and permitting, hazardous waste management, waste education/ pollution prevention plans and NPDES permitting. I find the private sector more challenging and rewarding than government service, although my knowledge gained during my three years with the AZ DEQ is invaluable. EEC is a small, yet growing, company looking to expand nationally; you can check out EEC by going to Anyone wishing to contact me may do so at . John P. Burton, Hydrologist, Engineering and Environmental Consultants, Inc. (EEC), 3003 N. Central Avenue, Suite 600, Phoenix, AZ 85012 - 2905, tel. (602) 248 - 7702 fax (602) 248 - 7851. (9/2001)

Jason Campagna,BS in Environmental Science '00.   Environmental Scientist, Michael Baker.  86 Latimer Avenue, Strabane, PA 15363.

Daniel G. Cannon Jr., BS in Geography-Environmental Studies '08. After college, Dan went on to graduate from Green Corps: The Field School For Environmental Organizing. Currently, Dan is the Student Network Coordinator for Greenpeace USA.

Ryan Carroll,BS in Environmental Science '00.    Dewberry & Davis, LLC.  6 Gordonb Rd., Lancaster, PA 17603.

Devin Carter,BS in Environmental Studies '00.Devin is a GIS specialist with BAE Systemsin Pittsburgh. BAE Systems, North America is a Department of Defense supplier with 25,000 employees. (5/03)

Anthony Catanese,BS in Environmental Science '00.   Environmental Specialist, GAI Consultants, Inc.  RR #2, Box 288, Seward PA 15954.

Joan Christy,BS in Environmental Science '92, with a minor in Geology. Environmental Safety Coordinator, Caparo Steel Co.

Chad M. Clancy,BS in Environmental Science '98.Chad M. Clancy, Environmental Health Specialist, Division of Environmental Health Epidemiology, Pennsylvania Department of Health, Room 933, Health and Welfare Building, P.O. Box 90, Harrisburg, PA 17108.   E-mail:   Phone: (717) 346-3285,  Fax: (717) 346-3286 (2/15/2005)

Dave Coffman, BS in Environmental Geoscience: Environmental Science '06.  I received my master’s degree in geology (specializing in fluvial geomorphology, hydrology and engineering geology) from Baylor University in Waco, TX in May 2009.  Following graduation, I worked for the USGS in Fort Worth, TX conducting fluvial geomorphologic and sediment studies both in Texas and North Dakota until I took a position with Freese and Nichols, Inc., in 2011 (also in Fort Worth).  I am a project manager and assist municipalities, water districts, and other clients in understanding urban channel dynamics, minimizing channel erosion, and identifying and quantifying reservoir sedimentation potential, thereby sustaining water supplies for consumers across the state of Texas.  I work on projects ranging in scale and complexity from designing erosion protection for individual stream meanders to performing erosion and sediment modeling in large watersheds (3,500+ square miles), to designing entire stream channels and corridors for large mitigation projects.  My work has taken me all over the state of Texas and into multiple surrounding states.  It was definitely my experiences at SRU that led me to where I am today. 

If anybody is interested in learning more about my job, my company, Baylor, and/or Texas, please feel free to contact me at (12/05/2013)

Frederic Coll,BS in Geology '92. M.S. in Engineering Geology - Kent State University '94. I am currently working for URS Corporation in Pittsburgh,PA as a Principal Geologist and Innovative Remediation Technologies Group Manager for Hydrogeology. My activities focus on management and design environmental remediation projects including in-situ chemical oxidation, DNAPL recovery, and enhanced in-situ bioremediation. Away from work, I love to spend my time with my family (wife Brook and daughter Emily). Some simple advice for students, take good classes in several geology disciplines and upon graduation, persevere - jobs are out there. SRU's geology program prepares students very well for future endeavors in this field. (09/08/08)

Shelly Comer, BA in Geography and BS in Applied Geographic Technology '06. Shelly does GIS work for Key Environmentalin Carnegie, PA (12/08) 

Tom Connelly,G&ES '99.   Tom recently passed a certification exam that allowed him to become a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP). The AICPis the American Planning Association's professional institute, providing recognized leadership nationwide in the certification of professional planners, ethics, professional development, planning education, and the standards of planning practice.  Tom has been employed by the City of Wheeling for seven years now and was promoted to the position of Assistant Director of the Economic and Community Development Department.  (09/09)       

Michael Corder,G&ES '98.How are you doing? How is everything up at the Rock? After graduation I looked for a job for about 6 weeks. I found a company called RouteSmart Technologies that uses an ArcView based GIS to route vehicles for the waste, utility, newspaper, and parcel delivery industries. The routes we generate use a street database and customer database. The information in both databases allows us to use our algorithms to generate more efficient routes that save money, time and equals workload. We are located in Columbia, Maryland, about 15 minutes southwest of Baltimore. Our Columbia office is quite small, only 8 employees. We have an office in Mineola, NY, which is much larger. I provide customer support for our clients and will begin to start training new clients very soon. This will require travel throughout the United States with some international possibilities. ...Tell everyone hello for me!! Sincerely, Michael Corder, RouteSmart Technologies (3-23-99).

Matthew Cox,BA in Geology '96. Copple & Rizzo

Jeremy Coxe,G&ES '98.I got a job just a couple of months after graduation. I graduated in August of this year and accepted a position at the Mercer County Regional Planning Commission as an entry level planner. I have been there since the end of September. Right now my title is Recycling Coordinator, and I handle a lot of the solid waste planning as well as dealing with a variety of projects around the office. The internship I did with the Commission helped a great deal in getting the job, and having the experience to do the job as well. I'm still learning a lot but everything is going well. The position became vacant because another Slippery Rock grad, John Buly, left the office to move into another position in another firm. He was very helpful as well. (11-11-98)

Chad Crawford,BS in Geology '93. Development Geologist, Atlas Resources, Inc.

Kurt Crosbie,BS in Earth & Space Science '91. Teacher, Karnes City

Smriti Dahal,BS in Environmental Studies '03. Smriti worked for a year in the World Bank's Environment Department in Washington DC before, mainly on issues related with Youth and Environment. She is now a graduate student in the Environmental Policy graduate program at Michigan Tech University. Smriti is interested in learning more about community participation in natural resource management, especially in the developing countries with a focus on women's participation. (11/26/05)

Diana Dascalu,G&ES '00. In May, 2003, I graduated from Vermont Law School with a Juris Doctor Degree and a Masters in Environmental law. I studied and took the Maryland Bar exam this summer, and am now employed with Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C.  I am their new Anacostia and Urban Water Project Director, which means I deal with all sorts of urban D.C. clean water issues, ranging from administrative rulemaking to public education and lobbying Congress on clean water practices for the city (and clean up of the Anacostia River which runs through the District).  I reside in Arlington, VA with my boyfriend of three years, Brian Joffe and our two dogs, Kayla and Stella. If anyone needs information about working in the District or information about environmental law please feel free to contact me. My email is ddascalu@nrdc.organd my number at home is (703) 685-0981.  (9-11-2003)

Steve Davis,G&ES '96.Since graduating I have worked for the National Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, PA Fish and Boat Commission, and the Juniata County Conservation District.  I recently decided that I would like to earn my Masters Degree in Biology....  (11-12-02)

Suresh De Costa, Environmental Science '98. Suresh received an MS in Food Science from Chapman University in Orange, CA.

Matt Domeier, BS in Environmental Geosciences--Geology '06. Matt is a graduate student in the Dept of Geological Sciences at the University Of Michigan.  His fields of study are plate tectonics, structural geology, and geodynamics. (12/06)

Neil Durco,BS in Geography--Environmental Studies '08. I live in Saratoga Wyoming where I am an "Ungulate Habitat Assesment Technician" for the "Wyoming Mule Deer Habitat Project", which is science talk for "Guy who walks around the desert making maps of plant communities." I can be reached at

Kelly Dunn,BS in Environmental Studies ‘03.Justin and I are living in Pittsburgh now, in Edgewood actually (very close to the East End Co-op and Whole Foods) and we love the neighborhood. I am working as a GIS technician for an engineering firm located in Moon Township. Adam Kidane, who graduated from SRU in 2002, works for the company as well. I started in July and it is going really well. I have learned so much. At the end of the month I am taking the GRE’s again and sending in some grad school applications. I like my job, but I would still rather go back to school…forever. Justin also got a good job as an environmental geoscientist for the environmental consulting firm, URS Corporation and is doing really well. Kelly C. Dunn, GIS Technician, ATS-Chester Engineers, Airside Business Park, 250 Airside Drive, Moon Township, PA 15108, 412/809-6591, email:

Joe Dwulit, BS in Geography: Environmental Studies '06. Joe has a temporary position mapping invasive species at Grand Teton National Park. (5/07)

Kelly Eakin,BS in Earth & Space Science '93. Masters Degree in Instruction and Curriculum - University of Western Maryland. Science teacher, LaPlata, Maryland.

Daninne Egizio-Hughes,BS in Environmental Studies '91.HC 2 Box 2553, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229; also 5717 Nuevo Arenal, Guanacaste, Costa Rica A.C.  patrick@redsunsetcr.comor  "We are opening a small business in Costa Rica for the general tourist, and also students and teachers to conduct research.  So come on down and stay with us! ...Thanks for a great picnic!"  (9-20-2003)

Brad Erney, BS in Geology '03. Brad is teaching Earth Science and Geology at  Broadway High School in Broadway, VA. (12/06)

Beverley Evans,G&ES '93.Digital Cartographer/GIS/CADD Technician/Landscape Designer with Pedersen & Pedersen, a firm that focuses on civil and environmental engineering, surveying and mapping. (5/08)

Anna Fasoli, BS in Environmental Studies, BS in Geography: Applied Geographic Technology '07. Here's a message from Anna: I just ended my job tracking Northern Saw-whet owls in central PA at the end of January.  It was a blast!  My new job will start April 15th in Nebraska, where I will be a Biological Aide Technician for USGS through the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center.  I will mainly be tracking least terns and piping plovers and monitoring nest success along a section of the Platte River.  I am excited to start!  In the meantime, I found a nonprofit in Hawaii that was in need of a volunteer to help with a few research projects, the Hawaii Wildlife Fund. .  Through the power of the internet, I got in touch with the president (who has done incredible work for endangered monk seals, hawksbill turtles, and has organized large scale beach cleanups, to name a few things).  Today I start work helping two of his research assistants with their projects, which will include removing invasive fish from anchialine pools, and water quality sampling along the reefs.  (2/09)

John Findling,BS in Environmental Science '93. Industrial Hygienist, Aerosol Monitoring and Analysis, Inc.

Wes Finke,BS in Environmental Science, 06. Wes works for Pennsylvania American Water in New Castle, PA. (10/07)

Jennifer (Keefer) Forest,Geology and Environmental Science '01.  209 Whitestown Village, Apt. 5, Butler PA 16001.  Got married May 2003.  (9-20-2003)

Carrie Foster,G&ES '99. Carrie is with Greenman-Pedersen, Inc., Lebanon, NJ.  (   It is an engineering firm that specializes in highway design/inspection, bridge design/inspection, construction inspection/management, cell tower design and asset management.    "...the Lebanon, NJ branch [of GSI] is where I work doing field work and GIS work. It is a great combination of both, although the field work has been quite cold lately! We work on sign inventories for the counties of NJ. The end product contains shapefiles of all the sign locations on county routes and centerlines for these roads. If you click on the centerline, you will bring up a video of driving down that section of road. The sign locations correspond with a database that has a bunch of attributes to each sign, this including a picture.  I really have enjoyed it so far... Learning a bunch too!"  (3-3-2003)

Tracy E. Frampton,G&ES '86. Assistant Director, Jefferson County Department of Development, Jefferson Place, 155 Main Street, 2nd. floor, Brookville PA 15825.

Bernadette Frank, BS in Environmental Studies '93.  Bernie works on environmental issues for Inmetco in Ellwood City. Inmetcois a leading recycler of metal bearing wastes. (1-2009)

Joseph Frank,BS in Environmental Science '95. Project Scientist/Engineer, Technology Systems, Inc.

Joy Fronzoli,BS in Environmental Studies '96. Joy works for the Millcreek Township Sewer & Water Authority near Erie, PA as an Engineering Technician and Project Manager for Authority and Developer projects. (09/09/08)

Bob Fusco,G&ES '96.Bob is now working for a company called Highway Equipment. He's a Field Representative with product support responsibilities. Bob is looking forward to traveling to the Slovak Republic. He spent a very interesting year there recently. He taught English at a high school, traveled to several countries, and met the Slovak woman to whom he is now married. (Sept 99)

Amy Gedgaudas,G&ES '99. I have been working for the past six months in Cleveland as an administrative assistant/editorial assistant. However, tomorrow is my last day. My boyfriend and I have decided to go backpacking in New Zealand for a year before we find our place in the world. I am very excited, and I just can't wait!  I think we chose an opportune time to go considering we are both without permanent jobs and we are still young. Just the other day I realized that I would be away from home for Christmas for the first time ever! Do you think Santa Claus will visit me if I am living out of a tent?  (9-2000)

Lance George,G&ES '93.After some years at being a guide to white water rafting and fishing to rivers and streams in Latin America and the American West, Lance got accepted to graduate school at Oregon State University. He will enroll in their Bioresource Engineering Dept. studying surface hydrology. (3-01)

Emily Borcz Giesler, BS in Environmental Science '04. Emily was recently hired as an Environmental Interpretive Technician (AKA Park Naturalist) at Colonel Denning State Park near Carlisle, PA

Jeff Gilliland,G&ES '96.Just thought I would update everyone on what I have been up to since graduation. I currently work as an Electronics Instructor at ITT Technical Institute, Monroeville, PA. I love my job and enjoy teaching. I will eventually be teaching a Geography class! I was also married this past June 27th! I can be reached via E-mail at

David Githaiga,Environmental Studies '02. David is working as a Program Assistant in the Clean Africa Program in the Clean Energy Group for Winrock International. Winrock is a nonprofit organization with 700 employees worldwide. David is working in their Arlington, VA office. (5/03)

Daphne Goh,G&ES '91.Daphne is self-employed and living in Malaysia. (8-4-97)

Justin Goodlin,Applied Geographic Technology '03.  Judd been accepted to Florida State for a Masters. He'll be doing his thesis on human interaction with the soil through land use, soil nutrient changes and where they affect regrowth potential for ecological restoration. (7-15-08)

Michael Goodman,Geology '01.3 Pearl Drive, Brentwood, PA 15227.  (9-20-2003)

Erin Grabigel,Applied Geography '00. 719 Tidball Avenue, Grove City, PA 16127.  "Working for Navigation Technology in the Columbus, Ohio, field office (one of three SRU Geography graduates there)."  E-mail address egrabige@navtech.comalso  (9-20-2003)

Brian Guthrie,Geology '99 and Bekki Medwith, Biology '96 and Geology '99.We are currently living in Rapid City, South Dakota, where we are pursuing MS degrees at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  Brian is working on a MS in Geological Engineering with a research focus on using geophysical investigations, mainly earth resistivity, to locate and map gypsum karst within the Spearfish Formation around Rapid City. Gypsum karst is a big issue around Rapid City and Spearfish and the purpose of the investigations is to hopefully identify significant electrical signatures of gypsum to a depth of at least 30 feet below surface.   The research will aid in the geologic hazards mapping that is currently going on, as well as providing extra information for the expanding development around Rapid City.  Other research goals include slope stability, fluvial processes, and geologic hazards mapping around Rapid City.  Bekki is working on a MS in Vertebrate Paleontology with a research focus on paleoecology of Pliocene and Pleistocene cave faunas (particularly those in the Richmond Hill Gold Mine). While her thesis centers on the coyotes and wolves present at the site, her other research goals include description of the only known North American occurrence of Pliocene-age pikas (small, bunny-like critters) as well as description and ecological analysis of the camels and birds represented at the site.  We are both teaching various undergraduate geology labs (and the occasional day of lecture), and we plan to go straight on to PhD work so that we can continue doing what we love.  Our happiest news is that we will be married on May 29, 2004. We are planning a small church ceremony in Sharon, PA (Brian’s hometown), followed by a Burkhart-inspired honeymoon in Newfoundland.   Anyone interested in more info about us or the wedding can check out our wedding website at (6/2004)

Jessica Guers,G&ES '97.I have a job in my field, only about three and a half months after graduation! I am now working at SPOT Image Corporation in Reston, Virginia, where I am a customer service rep focusing on Federal agencies, namely the Dept of Ag and Oil & Gas Exploration. I have the opportunity to deal with the latest in satellite technology, GIS, and Remote Sensing! It seems like it's going to be extremely interesting!! I'll be sure to keep you posted. Good luck this semester!! Jess (10-16-97) Just wanted to update... my new title is Environmental, Energy & Engineering Inside Sales Representative. I have the opportunity to work with both the big energy companies and the tiny, non-profit environmental organizations that sometimes are opposing them. It puts me in an interested position... SPOT Image Corporation is currently hiring as well, so if you're interested, check out our homepage at (12-15-97).

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