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News From Alumni H-N

Dennis Hamm,G&ES '87.. . . . a job change in the last 6 months. Though still with the National Park Service at Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area in Cleveland, I have transitioned out of a field interpreter position into the management assistant position. Among other things, the position administers the land acquisition/management operations of the park and a volume of the external relations of the park, too. While in most traditional parks these would be rather simple affairs, here it is not so straight forward. This park is an area with 3 counties, 18 municipalities, 2 villages, plus we are bordered by Cleveland and Akron.... A couple of weeks ago I ran across a law dictionary and also an extensive real estate dictionary -- I knew my world had changed significantly from my naturalist days when I found them useful, interesting, and wanted to buy copies of them. ...scary. Best wishes, Dennis Hamm. (5-8-98)

Steve Hammerstone,G&ES '92. M.S. in Sustainable Systems at SRU '95. Presently employed in Havre de Grace MD as a Supervisor in Manufacturing and dabbling in wetland analysis, all over the Eastern shore for added fun and enjoyment. Hope to see some more folks I know from the 91, 92 era on line and responsive, c'mon Borick! Hanlon! Bauchman, where are ya? (7-16-99)

Craig Hanlon,BS in Environmental Studies '92, with a minor in Cartography. Craig is a principal environmental scientist with the Louis Berger Group in Florham, NJ. Craig has earned Certified Ecologist and Certified Wetland Specialist credentials from the Ecological Society of America and Society of Wetland Scientists, respectively. (12/06)

Susan Hardwick,G&ES '68.Susan Hardwick has moved to the U of Oregon (10-2-2003).  Hi everyone. I am attending a web workshop this week at the University of Texas in Austin and just discovered your awesome Home Page with alumni news. How exciting! I graduated from SR in 1968 and went on to earn my master's and doctorate in geography - am now professor in the Department of Geography and Planning at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, TX (the largest geography dept in North America - 29 faculty and over 500 majors). Come visit. SWTSU has a brand new Ph.D. program in geography. My sister lives near New Castle so I return home often. Thanks to SRU for making me into a geographer for life. (6-17-97)

Dan Harris, BS in Geology '05, with a minor in Geographic Information Technology. Dan is attending a graduate program in geology at West Virginia University. (9/9/06)

Andrew Hartwell,BS in Applied Geographic Technology '06. Andrew is currently employed as a Urban Planner at Allegheny County Economic Development, Planning Division (Pittsburgh, PA). Email: Andrew.Hartwell@AlleghenyCounty.US (8/11/09) 

Sue (Haylett) Stover, G&ES '77.I'm still living and breathing in Lock Haven but am no longer Director of Planning and Development for the City. After seventeen years, I decided it was time for a change. An opportunity with the local school district, Keystone Central, became available and I took advantage of the chance to do something new. I now work with the Student At-Risk program at Lock Haven High School and love it! I am off during the summer months and now have more time for the kids - we have two now, Adam is 14 and Eric just turned 4. ...My address is

Erin Heffron,GG&E '04. I am now working as an ECO Associate on a 1-2 year contract with the USGS in Woods Hole, MA.  We are working on the New England Seafloor Mapping Project, which is an ongoing project using side-scan and multi-beam sonar as well as video and photography to map and classify sections of the ocean floor in the Gulf of Maine.  I am enjoying living in New England and am looking forward to spending the summer here.

Teresa ("Birdie") High,G&ES '85.Teresa runs Outdoors Activities in Binghamton, NY. (99)

Barbara Homison,BS in Environmental Science '93, with a minor in Geology.Inorganic Laboratory Analyst, PACE Incorporated.

Becky Hromiko, BS in Environmental Science with a minor in Political Science '05. Becky is a graduate student at the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy at the University of Delaware. Her area of interest is sustainable energy. (12/06)

Saskia Hovis,G&ES '99.Saskia has recently become Director, Tioga County GIS, Court House Annex, 118 Main Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901,  (9/4/2003)

Christine Iksic, BS in Applied Geographic Technology '05.Chrissy works in Mapping/MGIS Sales & Support for Precision Laser & Instrumentin Ambridge, PA. (9/6/09)

Eric A. Itle,BA in Geology '00. I am currently working for Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc., as a geologist working on the Saluda Dam Remediation Project in Lexington, SC. Our work is primarily civil engineering, dams and bridge remediation.  Most of my experience is in drilling, dewatering, and installation of instruments, pump testing, etc.  I have done a lot of mapping, as well. Other project experience includes crosshole sonic logging of drilled shaft foundations, and installing anchorage systems for the purpose of dam stability.  ... I can be reached at  (2/18/2003)

Mike Jahn, BA in Environmental Geosciences, with a minor in Geography '04.
I have officially obtained the position of Environmental Scientist/Geologist/Field Technician (or whatever) with EnviroGroup Limited.  There are approximately 25 people in our office with three smaller satellite offices across the U.S. including Denver, Longmont, Albuquerque, and Boston.  The Denver office is the largest and we are planning to expand in the near future.  EnviroGroup is a fairly standard Environmental Consulting firm, tackling problems up and down the Front Range for a range of clients.  My main gig will be collecting surface and groundwater samples for VOCs contained within a large plume beneath a residential area.  To be more specific, 1,1-Dichloroethane has been released to the groundwater, which  converts to a gaseous state and contaminates indoor air in residential houses.  EnviroGroup has mapped the extent of the plume and specific actions must be taken to remediate both groundwater and air quality in the surrounding area.

The firm also does soil testing for heavy metals at abandoned smelting sites , tests landfills in Wyoming, conducts safety and monitoring at a copper mine in New Mexico and is gearing up for a rather large project along the Western Slope of Colorado dealing with the production of oil-shales.  The later project really caught my eye as I have spent some time on large drilling projects, both through my internship with Atlas America, Inc. and my latest job with TICORA Geosciences.  I feel these experiences landed me a spot with EnviroGroup, as the firm has recently been contracted out by Shell to conduct environmental monitoring and oversight for this upcoming oil-shale project, and the firm needed someone with applicable experience. 

If anyone is interested in further information about my job or EnviroGroup Limited, feel free to contact me. (5/06)

David Johnston, G&ES '78. David is the Planning Commission Director for the County of Butler, P.O. Box 1208, Butler PA 16003-1208. 

Tyson Johnston, BS in Environmental Studies '10. Tyson has been with the Western Pennsylvania Conservance since his graduation in 2010. Currently he is a Conservation GIS Specialist and his main areas of focus include database and mobile data collection system design and maintenance, GIS/GPS training and support and GIS analysis.  

James Jones,G&ES '94.TAD Environmental Services, 5845C Live Oak Parkway, Norcross, Georgia 30093; tel. 1-800-381-5550; fax 770-417-1690.

W. Stoney Jordan,G&ES '96.Just a note on where I am. I am the Safety/Environmental Coordinator at Greenleaf Corporation. As of the summer of '97 I have employed another SRU grad, Penny Gledhill, to assist me in the numerous compliance issues that face corporate America today. As a little side note to all that read this, I cannot stress enough the importance of being able to bring to light the financial benefit of any environmental action. In the business world, money is the ultimate motivator. I can be reached at the following E-Mail address for any news or comment, (7/3/97)

Dave Julock,G&ES '99.Dave is a Pennsylvania state trooper stationed at Chambersburg, PA. (99)

Nadine (Karpa) Drake,G&ES '83.I have been working for the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection for the past twelve years.  Currently I am working with the Division of Responsible Party Site Remediation as a case manager.  In short, we get companies that have contaminated sites old or new to agree to conduct the cleanups and then we oversee the work.  NDrake@DEP.STATE.NJ.US(3/15/2000).

Sheryl Kelly, BS in Applied Geography '88. Sheryl is director of Butler County's Department of Recycling and Waste Management. (12/2008)

Adam Kidane,G&ES '02.GIS Specialist,  Advanced Technology Systems, Inc.,639 Alpha Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15238.  Tel. 412-967-1900.  Fax 412-967-1911.  On this end, all is well and I actually enjoy work (you know how lazy I am). Even though they title me as a GIS specialist/ Field Scientist, I more than often find myself working on a variety of projects entailing travel (all over FL, PA and neighboring states). They have trained and used me in the areas of stream gauging, AMD, soil analysis, air quality, and more. As for the GIS part of the cake, I've been developing the proposed high-speed PA MAGLEV train project for quite some time now. I'm also working on a GIS and computer model for the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) for the PWSA. Overall, I like the fact that they make me mobile and use me in a variety of different fields of GES and GIS. I must say, I am very grateful to what I learned within the department, and for your and Dr. Livingston’s advice to take GIS.  (4/2003)

Robert J. Kilbert,G&ES '95.I am living in the Pittsburgh area and working for an environmental engineering consulting firm called KCI  I am working primarily as a GIS Specialist.  Robert J. Kilbert, Environmental Scientist II, KCI Technologies, Inc., Penn Center East, Bldg. 2, 3424 William Penn Highway, Suite 203, Pittsburgh PA 15235, tel. 412-824-7046, fax. 412-824-4685,  (9/19/2003)

Jonathan Koch,G&ES '87.I just wanted to let my alma mater know that I have ventured back into Geography work for a living. I work for the management consulting firm of Booz-Allen & Hamilton in McLean, Virginia, and am working on projects related to creating Arcview databases for brownfields sites in the rust belt. Among them I'm spending time in Cleveland and Detroit... Hopefully I'll get to Pittsburgh someday on business. I am still pursuing a masters, albeit slowly, in Geographic and Cartographic Studies at George Mason University on an extended studies basis. This ought to take a good 5 years on a part-time basis. My email at work is kochjd@bah.comif any alumni in the area are interested in chatting about the Rock! (3/31/97)

Tim Konhaus,G&ES '94.Tim got an MA in History from Slippery Rock and is now in the Ph.D program in history at West Virginia University. He received a scholarship at WVU and is also teaching there. (2/12/2001)

Mike Kotyk,G&ES '03. Mike will pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture from Chatham College in Pittsburgh. (11/2004)

Ranae Kowalczuk,BA in Geology '02. Ranae is starting grad work in physical geography at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. (9/2004)

Matt Kralevich, G&ES '99. I am a certified educator living in Harlingen, Texas. It is about 20 miles north of the Mexican boarder along the Gulf Coast. The area is awesome because there is something to do within reasonable driving distance. I have Mexico within 20-30 minutes. Brownsville is 20 miles away. South Padre Island is about 35 minutes away. It is just a good area and the people are cool. I am starting to enjoy Mexican food quite a bit. ...I am teaching 3 world geography courses. We are covering North Africa and Southwest Asia. Time for me to roll. Hope all is well. Later. Matt (11/14/99)

Christopher Kravits, BA in Geology '74. Christopher runs  Kravits Geological Services in Salina, Utah.  Christopher writes that "The consulting is going well.  I provide services mostly to the coal and coalbed methane industries performing basic geology and some hydrology and environmental work.  I will teach the Survey of Geology course at Snow College again this Spring.  The pay remains low but I enjoy it a lot." (12/2005)

Eugene Krevinko,BS in Environmental Studies '97, with a minor in Public Administration. Eugene conducts site inspections, environmental monitoring, and coordination of laboratory services.  He also maintains technical expertise over a broad spectrum, including OSHA regulations for General Industry, Construction and Shipbuilding, EPA requirements for air, soil, water, hazardous waste and many industry standards. Email:

Robert Kruse,G&ES '99.Rob recently completed his Ph.D. in Geography at Kent State University. Rob recently wrote "I accepted an offer for a tenure-track position at West Liberty State College in West Virginia.  Can't wait to start.  It has some of the charm of the Slippery Rock campus I remember so fondly." 6 May 2005   

Judy Lamey,G&ES '98.I thought that it would be nice if I...let you know what I am doing with my degree. Right now, I am working for an environmental consulting firm called Tetra Tech NUS in Pittsburgh. I was hired as a Professional Specialist I which really doesn't tell you too much about what I do. Actually it makes me sound like a hitman or something. Doesn't it? I work with Arcview almost 100% of the day producing maps for clients. So far the maps that I have made have been for the Navy. I am currently working on two projects: Naval Air Station Dallas, Texas, and Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane, Indiana. I am actually really surprised how well I knew Arcview even before I got this job. I must admit though that I still continue to learn more about it. I have been working here since February 1. Before this I was working as a researcher for a company named Flood Zone Determination Services. I basically looked up clients' properties on FEMA flood zone maps to determine if and what type of flood zone their properties were located in (for flood insurance purposes). . .Jennifer Crim is currently employed by that company. If you get a chance visit our company's web site at ...I think that it is interesting to note that if it were not for my minor in Cartography I would not have this job. I know that my degree in Environmental Studies helped me get my foot in the door, but Cartography got the rest of me in. (4-6-99)

Joshua Lapp,G&ES '99.Josh now works for geographIT (formerly Advanced Technology Solutions Inc.). Here's a quotation from their website: "Mr. Joshua Lapp recently joined our Lancaster, Pennsylvania office as a Senior Programmer/Analyst.  He has over 7 years of custom geospatial software development experience in defense, state and local government, and utility industries.  His technical strengths include all phases of software engineering.  Mr. Lapp is very highly skilled in developing desktop and web-based geospatial software and web services using Microsoft’s .NET Framework and Environmental Systems Research Institute’s (ESRI) desktop and server technologies." (6-1-2007) 

Suzetta Large,BA in Geology '92. Geologic Services Corp.

Bill LaRocque,BA in Geography '82. Bill works in Chicago for Intergraph,, a mapping and geospatial solutions company.

Sarah Lawlor, BS in Environmental Studies '09. After graduated from SRU, Sarah earned her Masters in Geography at Miami University in Ohio in 2011. Since then, she has worked at the PA Department of Environmental Protection as a Water Quality Specialist.

Christopher Larsen,BS in Geology '91. Project Geologist, Fenley and Nicol Environmental.

Nicholas Lazor,BS in Environmental Science '94, with a minor in Geology.Air Quality Specialist, the PA Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Air Quality.

Ralph R. Leon,BS in Geology '81.Congratulations to Dr. Shultz on a truly outstanding compilation, “The Geology of Pennsylvania”, which sets a new standard for this type of publication. I was pleased to see a reference to my Master’s thesis on the Ordovician on page 87.  An interesting fun fact to unearth would be the number direct or indirect contributing SRU faculty and alumni.  I continue working for ExxonMobil’s exploration group in Houston (since ’84).  I currently lead a team of geoscientists exploring the South Caspian Basin, offshore Azerbaijan.  It’s a great mixture of cutting edge science, business strategy, and international politics.  First realized by me during field camp and later reinforced through experiences in graduate school and now my professional career, SRU does a world-class job of preparing an undergraduate geoscientist to compete exceptionally well amongst peers from seemingly more prestigious programs.  It’s clearly the combination of exemplary faculty, intimate upper level classes and a curriculum that provides sound fundamentals and offers abundant opportunities to develop decision making and interpretation skills.    I know there have been quite a few faculty and structural changes to the program since I graduated, but I trust these distinguishing qualities have endured.  (6/2004)

Tom Licker, BS in Environmental Science '95.  (Project Manager/Sales) IRS Environmental Services, East Brunswick NJ. I have been specializing in Mold Remediation, Hazardous Waste Management, Oil Tank Remediation, and Environmental Construction Projects such as Brownfield redevelopment. Recently I have moved into the position of Technical Sales and Business Development. My career has had its highs and lows much like the Cash Flow Roller Coaster ride called the Environmental Business. My best advice to people starting out in this business is do not have all your eggs in one basket. Diversify yourself as much as possible to stabilize your portfolio of services. Just because you do not have any letters after your name does not mean that you are not valued. As a matter of fact I believe that anybody who survived a Schultz Earth Materials Class should be granted an automatic PG because you will know more about geology than most PGs out there. Being an Environmental Science Grad means that you have more than one leg to stand on. Pay attention to new regulations that may impact your career and get certified to do as much as possible and define your niche. It can make you a very powerful player in this market. (6/06)

Brian Lipinski,Environmental Science '99.Brian received his Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. His thesis was titled "Integrating Geophysics and Geochemistry to Evaluate Coalbed Natural Gas Produced Water Disposal, Powder River Basin, Wyoming." He is now a postdoctoral associate at Pitt. (10/07) 

Kevin Liske,G&ES '86.  Kevin is a GIS Analyst with EDS (Electronic Data Systems), Government Services, 1600 Clifton Road, Mailstop E-56, Atlanta, Georgia 30333.  Tel. 404-639-6074, e-mail  He works with ArcView, ArcInfo, and risk assessment software.  (5-14-2002)

Jim Little, BS in Geology '85. Jim has been Vice President – Engineering of Waste Connections since September 1999.  Jim held various management positions with Waste Management, Inc. (formerly USA Waste Services, Inc., which was acquired by Waste Management, Inc. and Chambers Development Co. Inc., which was acquired by USA Waste Services, Inc.) from April 1990 to September 1999, including Regional Environmental Manager and Regional Landfill Manager, and most recently Division Manager in Ohio, where he was responsible for the operations of 10 operating companies in the Northern Ohio area.  Mr. Little is a certified professional geologist and holds a B.S. degree in Geology from Slippery Rock University. (12/15/2006)

Matt Lock,BS in Geology '89. Matt is a geologist with Skelley and Loy in Port Matilda, PA (12-05)

Pamela Loedding,BS in Environmental Science '94, with a minor in Geology.  My title is Environmental Consultant. Pamela M. Loedding, Day Environmental, Inc. 40 Commercial Street, Rochester, New York 14614-1008, Phone: (585) 454-0210 ext: 119 Fax: (585) 454-0825,  (4-29-2003)

William Long,BS in Environmental Science '93.Erie Geological Services.

William C. Long, G&ES '74. Senior Planner, Allegheny County Government, Pittsburgh.

Christopher Loudon, BS in Environmental Science '2005. U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Christopher Loudon, was killed October 17, 2006 in Iraq when a roadside bomb exploded near his vehicle in West Baghdad. Chris, 23, was commissioned through SRU’s Army ROTC program and had served as a ranger challenge team captain while in the campus ROTC program. In 2001, he had been among three SRU cadets awarded four-year, ROTC scholarships. Among others, he leaves his wife in Texas; and his father and a daughter, both in DuBois, PA. (10/21/06)

Heather Lougee,BS in Environmental Studies '03. Completed an M.S. degree in Park and Resource Management in May 2005. (11-26-05)

Phil Mackey,BS in Environmental Science '98.I have been working as an air quality permitting specialist at the Clark County Dept. of Air Quality and Environmental Managment for over a year now, and I have just received a promotion to New Source Review Supervisor.  My job is to oversee the minor source permitting operations for the County.  Because of our quirky regulations here, it has proven to be a more challenging position than most people might think! Phone: 702-455-1663 Email:  Philip S. Mackey, NSR Supervisor,Clark County Dept. of Air Quality, Environmental Mgmt.,Las Vegas, NV  (4-27-2005)

Cathy Mahle,Minor in Environmental Science '92. Nurse, Health Dept., St. Francis Hospital.

Deric Main,G&ES '96.I am living in York, PA, and working as a surveyor in Lancaster County. I am learning AutoCAD and working toward my PA Surveyor license. I really enjoy the work. I spend all day in the field collecting data, then manipulate it with AutoCAD in the evening. I work long hours, but enjoy it. I still plan to go back for graduate school, but this is paying off my bills from school. I am getting married November 1st of '97. ...Well, gotta run. Take care and tell everyone I said "hi." I will try to stop in one of these days when I come back for my National Guard drills.

Manish Maharjan,BS in Environmental Studies '02.Manish is a GIS specialist with BAE Systems in Pittsburgh.  BAE Systems, North America is a Department of Defense supplier with 25,000 employees. (5/03)

Marie Maher, BS in Environmental Science, with a minor in Geology '05. Marie is working on a Mater's Degree in Geology at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.   In the summer of 2006, she had an internship with the EPA in Dallas.  Marie said "I get to do stratigraphic mapping . . . [and] to reassess the state-delineated watersheds and analyze landscapemetrics for the lower 5 states. I've been making maps depicting high priority watersheds (based on density analyzes) as well as areas of greatest economic importance. (6/06)

Barbara Markley, BA in Geology '98. I graduated in 1998 with a Geology Degree and second major of Environmental Science.  From there I started graduate school in 1999 at the University of Cincinnati.  UC has strong Masters programs in Glacial Geology, Sedimentology, Paleontology, and Hydrogeology.  I focused on glacial geology with hints of hydrogeology and geomorphology. I graduated in 2001, and then moved to Massachusetts where I worked with my first consulting company (Geologic Services Corp.) that specialized in petroleum remediation.  I then changed focus to water supply consulting after a couple of years.  I have recently changed companies and work with BETA Group, Inc. which is an Engineering Firm with services in Transportation and Traffic Engineering, Waste Water Engineering, Environmental Remediation, and GIS.  Other than that, I must say that living in Massachusetts is completely different from the Slippery Rock area setting.  I do miss being able to drive places in a reasonable amount of time and reasonable rent.  But, I do have to say that being located in an area with access to the mountains, ocean, forests and proximity to Boston and NY City is great.  Feel free to contact me at  (05/2004)

Rachael I. Marks,G&ES '99.1115 Arkansas Avenue, Apt. 3, Pittsburgh PA 15216.  (9-20-2003)

Kristen L. Matija,BS in Environmental Studies '02.I am a graduate of the Environmental Studies Program as of August of 2002.  ...I've been working with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy as a GIS Technician since late February, 2003. This is my first position in the GIS field and I absolutely love it! I am in charge of maintaining the GIS database, providing technical assistance to the other staff and doing a lot of various mapping projects. The position is a grant-funded one year position with the chance of re-hire at the end of the year.    ...tell everyone in the department that I appreciate all of their support and educational assistance. I couldn't have done this without all of you! Kristen L. Matija Western Pennsylvania Conservancy GIS Technician, Pittsburgh Office, 209 Fourth Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15222.  (7-1-2003)

Kate Maynard,BS in Environmental Studies '03. I’m a bit disappointed that I won’t be back at SRU this fall. I will definitely miss that time of my life. However, it is great to be graduated and making some money working. I’m living in Hagerstown, MD and working in Kearneysville, WV at a coast guard base. It’s ... with Unisys and I have been working a little over two months already. It’s about a 35-minute commute, but I don’t mind it. I have a nice drive through the back routes of Maryland and West Virginia. It is very scenic. I am working as a GIS Data Analyst and we are assisting the coast guard in developing GIS clients for port cities throughout the nation to be used on homeland security issues. So far a lot of the work has been monotonous metadata creation or digitizing, but it’s getting much better and the project is definitely interesting. I’m very thankful that I found the time to sit in on Dr. Livingston’s Advanced GIS class last semester, because the only software we are using is ArcGIS and picking up stuff in those classes has really come in handy. I have really enjoyed living down here. There is always something to do being so close to Baltimore and D.C., not to mention I have mountains and great hiking trails all around me as well. (9-10-2004)

Kerry McCarney,Geology '98.I graduated in the Fall of 98' and went on to work as a Hydrologic Tech. for the USGS, Water Resources Division, in Pittsburgh.  I worked on the Pennsylvania Bridge Scour Project with them for a year (amazingly enough, with another SRU alumni, Kelly Branstrom) before moving to Reading, England, in 2000 to pursue my Masters degree. I graduated in October of 2001 with an MSc. in Environmental Sedimentology and Geomorphology. In February of 2002, I was hired as a geologist by Paul C. Rizzo Associates, a civil engineering firm based in Monroeville, and moved to Columbia, South Carolina, to work on the largest construction project going on in the U.S. today; the Saluda Dam Remediation Project.  Acutally, I work with another SRU graduate (yes, it seems we are everywhere!), Eric Itle. Check it out on the web if you get the chance. I've done much drilling and mapping on this job, and am now working as part of the monitoring team to regulate all instrumentation installed within the dam soils and bedrock. We will more than likely be presenting the finalized geologic map and giving a talk at the GSA conference next year if anybody is interested. I can be reached at Oh, and I'll take this opportunity to say that I can't wait to visit the now "wet" Slippery Rock and see what changes have taken place............especially since the merger between Geography and Geology (who knew???). Rock on. (7-8-2003)

Kevin ("Bones") P. McCarthy,G&ES '84. Principal, Richland Elementary School, 5440 Rich Road, Memphis TN 38120, (901) 684-2148. Richland is a U.S. Department of Education National School of Excellence.

Brenton McCloskey, BS in Environmental Studies '05, with a minor in Geographic Information Technology. I thought I would check in and let you know that my studies at Slippery Rock have paid off over the past few years...I have been living in Annapolis, MD since I left SRU in 2005 and finished an environmental policy fellowship at the EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program office in April 2007. Since then I started a position managing the Chesapeake Bay and coastal policy program at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. I coordinate Maryland's Chesapeake Bay and coastal policy initiatives and act as a liaison between the regional Bay Program, which is a multi-jurisdictional restoration effort across the 6 states and D.C. that are located in the Chesapeake Bay's watershed. Our staff is fairly young, which lends itself to some creative, outside of the box thinking. I also coordinate/staff the Governor's Cabinet that deals with Chesapeake Bay restoration - a position that constantly keeps me on my toes. While creating and pushing policies across the State can be frustrating at times, I really do enjoy my job.

This past December I finished my Master's degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins. While I am content and enjoy my current job, receiving my Master's has pushed open more doors and with the President's plan to offer more federal jobs, I am wondering what else might be out there for me... (4/09) 

Jason McGuire,BS in Environmental Studies '03.After working for a small while in New Hampshire as an environmental field technician, I now live in Northern Virginia.  I am working as a Map Specialist for a subcontractor to FEMA.  I am involved in the map modernization program, updating FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Maps.  I am currently trying to pursue an employment opportunity in the Pittsburgh area. Thinking of all my fellow students from the program! Please feel free to contact me:  Jason McGuire Map Specialist Dewberry and Davis jason.mcguire@mapmodteam.comor

Jerry McCloskey,BS in Geology '93. Working on Ph.D. in Geology at University of South Carolina.

Melissa Brydon McCloskey,BA in Geology '93. Geologist, Viro Group.

Dustin Miller, BS in Geography: Environmental Studies '07, with minors in Geography and Geographic Information Technology. Dusting is a staff scientist at the Gibsonia, PA office of Seismic Surveys, Inc. Seismic Surveys provides geoscience consulting services to customers in the engineering, construction, mining, demolition and explosives industries. (12/07)

Marcel Mol,BS in Environmental Science '94. Organic Chemist, Envirotech Research.

Edward Monroe,BS in Environmental Science '93. Mine Safety Appliances Co.

Sarah Morealli, BS in Environmental Geosciences--Geology '06. Sarah is a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh and is specializing in structural geology.

John Mueck,BS in Environmental Science '91, with a minor in Geology. Environmental Engineer, Foster Wheeler Environmental.

Brad Mullner, BS in Environmental Studies '96 with a minor in English.  Brad has been named a project manager for industrial hygiene at California-headquartered Partner Engineering and Science Inc. Partner, which operates five offices in the U.S., provides environmental site assessments services nationwide and in Canada. Brad is responsible for project oversight, staff supervision, report review and client management at the company’s El Segundo office.
Before joining Partner, Brad spent 13 years in the environmental and consulting and remediation oversight fields. He has worked as a field technician, staff scientist, geologist, industrial hygienist and project manger. He has provided turn-key consulting services to private property owners, commercial real estate companies and government agencies. He is a member of the Indoor Air Quality Association and a certified environmental consultant.  (2/09)

Sankalpa Nagaraja,BS in Environmental Studies '98.Sankalpa is a Bayer Research Fellow at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh (environmental management and biology).

Judy Neelan,BS in Earth and Space Science '92. Since leaving SRU, life has been busy and gratifying. After graduating, I took a position with DEP as an inspector in Waste Management where I have remained, largely due to the interesting nature of the job. I conduct inspections at a broad assortment of industries to monitor their compliance with environmental regulations, which provides me with an assortment of challenges and has exposed me to many fine experiences about how things get made.  I have also been closely associated with Pittsburgh Geological Society since I was a student, and it keeps me solidly in touch with the geologic community. I have functioned as Board member, Treasurer (scary thought) and President, but my special favorite spot lies with communications and committee work. Some of the initiatives I have been involved with are the PGS website, the Student Career workshop, the "Building Pittsburgh" publication, the upcoming ASBOG licensing exam training, and the upcoming initiative on geohazard mitigation. For my efforts, I was honored last month with the PGS Walt Skinner award for meritorious service.  I always find it interesting that the three things I was most prepared for - English (a former major), teaching, and geology - have not been my breadwinners. In spite of that, I use knowledge and skills from these disciplines every day as they enhance my job (and life) performance.  Also notable for daily use are the life skills I learned from being a student, a parent, and a cook. Three cheers for a liberal education!  Hope everyone is well. Let's do a field trip - maybe as part of the September alumni picnic!  (6/2004)  

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