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News From Alumni O-Z

Akemi Ohtsuki,G&ES '91.Akemi works for Hitachi in Tokyo as a Sales Engineer. She is involved with the Intelligent Transportation Systems project. (8-4-97)

Jason Olczak, BS in Environmental Geoscience: Environmental Science '08. Jason works for Pennoni Associates, an environmental consulting firm, at their Monroeville, PA office. (1/2009)

Mark Oldknow,G&ES '95.I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know how you and your staff have assisted former students to succeed in life....I am currently working for GDE Systems, Inc., as an Associate Engineer (Photogrammetrist). Although I probably do not qualify to be a Photogrammetrist in the eyes of most sanctioned Photogrammetrists, the company has given me the job title of Associate Engineer to prevent any problems if they should arise. My primary duties include all aspects of digital Photogrammetry, generating databases (terrain, feature), orthophotos, perspective scenes, etc., etc. It is outstanding work! Our primary customer is the U.S. Government. DMA has recently been down-sizing, which means 75% of their work has been contracted out to corporate America. This has created numerous job opportunities within commercial or non-government firms. Let the graduating seniors know that there is a wealth of opportunities in the fields of cartography, GIS, Photogrammetry, and Remote Sensing near the D.C. area. Starting salaries range from 25 to 30K. I have started in the low 30's due to my military background. One of the benefits to working with one of these firms will be the acquisition of a security clearance, which is an $8,000 addition to his/her resume. Another piece of advice for upcoming graduates is to become familiar with UNIX Operating Systems. I have yet to see a DOS based system anywhere! Most of the software is run on Sparc-10 or Sparc-20's. In closing, the curriculum taught at SRU's Dept. of Geography/ES, more specifically the Cart minor, is exactly what these companies are looking for. Stress the Cart minor and computer classes. Mark Oldknow, GDE Systems, Inc., 1840 Michael Faraday Drive, Suite 301, Reston VA 22090.

John O'Neill,BS in Education ’77 and BA in Geology ’78.I recall squeaking through 201 with the benevolence of Dr. Shultz. Today I am in my seventh year teaching Physics at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh. My wife, Cyndi has taught Biology at N. Allegheny HS for 31 years and still likes it! Our two daughters are after careers of their own. Eve (22) has moved to LA in an attempt to break into film – writing, producing, editing. Elizabeth (18) studies Applied Media Arts at Edinboro University, where she enjoys competing on the equestrian team. In closing, my parting advice to the SRU team is “never underestimate your own abilities.”  (6/2004)

William Ondriezek,BS in Environmental Science '95. Air Quality Project Manager, Comprehensive Safety Compliance, Inc.

Rachel Orwan,BS in Environmental Studies '02.I'm a VISTA (Volunteer In Service To America) with the AmeriCorps.  I work in Athens, Ohio (Ohio University) for a group called the Appalachian Forest Resource Center ( Our mission is to promote sustainable forestry practices through giving grants to regional environmental groups, collecting information for publication in a readable format for forest landowners, and educating landowners, government officials, and environmental organizations about important forestry issues.  (6/2004)

Kristin Pagano, BS in Environmental Studies '04. Kristin is an environmental scientist at Tectonic Engineering. They do planning, engineering, construction, program management and consulting. (4/2007)

Christopher A. Peacock,G&ES '96.... I recently took the position of Assistant Environmental Manager for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 2-0 located in Clearfield. My primary responsibility is to obtain environmental clearance for transportation projects from bridge replacements all the way up through new highway construction. I can be contacted at Christopher A. Peacock, Assistant Environmental Manager, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Engineering District 2-0, Ph: 814- 768-0747, Fax: 814-765-0424 (9-2001)

Mike Peirson,BS in Geology '90. Mike is a building contractor in Cape May, NJ. (12/05)

Gregory M. Phillips, Geography'78.  Phillips has been appointed by Gov. Edward Rendell to serve as one of three commissioners representing Pennsylvania on The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission. The commission works to control and abate pollution in the Ohio River Basin, which includes all streams flowing through Westmoreland County to the Ohio River. The appointment will run until 2010.  (9-30-2008)

Terrence Phillips,BS in Environmental Science '94. Environmental Analyst, Interstate Chemical Co., Inc.

Lizbeth A. Pyle,Ph.D. G&ES '75.--Research Associate; Institutional Analysis and Planning; PO Box 6710; West Virginia University; Morgantown, WV 26506-6710; (304) 293-7664/4906; (304) 293-7652 FAX; Twenty-six years ago I was a new freshman at SRSC and enrolled in...Underdeveloped Nations.... I so thoroughly enjoyed this class that I took another geography class the next semester and then decided to become a geography major. I feel so fortunate to have been exposed to such a solid undergraduate education at Slippery Rock. It prepared me well for my later studies at the University of South Carolina and then at Minnesota. Geography has added such richness to my life. I have so many friends and colleagues around the country now that stem from my immersion in the discipline. My involvement in the AAG and SEDAAG has been especially meaningful to me during the past five years since my paid position at WVU is in institutional research, not geography. I still have strong ties to the geography program on campus, and hope to be able to teach a class in the department sometime, but for now, my current schedule hasn't permitted that. (11-29-97)

Susan Secunda Raabe,G&ES '91.--Hello, it's one of your long lost students.... I'm so happy I stumbled upon the Slippery Rock Home page. ...I am doing well, my husband and I have three beautiful girls: Emily Sue (3), Elizabeth Rose (23 months), and Theresa Anne (3 months). I've been working as a Transportation Analyst for the Texas Department of Transportation for three and a half years now. I primarily do travel demand modeling, but I'm being coerced into doing some corridor analysis.... My study areas are San Antonio, Tyler, and Longview. Matter-of-fact I'm going to San Antonio tomorrow to discuss the 1995 TDM (Travel Demand Model). I'm really starting to enjoy my work. I'm now exposed to air quality conformity, travel surveys, and various new responsibilities. I am also the first person in my division to telecommute. ...My husband...has a business homepage that has a picture of Emily and Elizabeth.

Art Rex,G&ES '77.Currently, I am a Professor and Director of the GIS & Image processing Lab at Appalachian State University in North Carolina and have been here for 20 years. I have been involved with many projects through the years and the most recent include; The North Carolina Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory (NC DOE), Global Change in Local Places (a NASA funded Grant in cooperation with the AAG), A map entitled "Boone Region, Outdoor Recreation Map and Guide" which received a cartography award at the 1997 ESRI User Conference in San Diego, updating the book "North Carolina: People and Environments, 2nd edition" (publication date July 1998), serving on several statewide and regional GIS committees, and continuing work on many GIS projects. Teaching responsibilities include Introduction to GIS (GHY 3812) and Advanced GIS (GHY 4812), and supervision of GIS Interns. After a 20 year affiliation, I have resigned as the Head Coach for the Appalachian Men's Soccer Team and will be devoted full time to the Geography Department beginning in the Fall of 1998. I will continue to serve soccer through the NSCAA, NCYSA, USSF, and the NC State ODP programs. If any of the undergraduates are interested in pursuing a Masters degree at Appalachian feel free to contact me for information, ( or visit our web site ( (2-18-98)

Nicole Richardson, BS in Applied Geographic Technology '06. Nikki works as a GIS technician for BAE Systems in Pittsburgh.  She extracts features from stereo imagery in 3D for mapping. (10/21/06).

Amy Riegner, BS in Geography: Applied Geographic Technology, International Affairs minor, Political Science minor '07. Amy is a graduate in geography at West Virginia University.  (10/07)

William Ringling,G&ES '89.I have been living in Las Vegas since 1991, and have worked as a computer sales person (8 months), environmental/civil engineering designer/draftsperson (18 months), and since 1994 a landscape designer/draftsperson, and have been for approximately 18 months a principal in my firm responsible for business development for commercial and residential projects. Our firm has offices in the Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Denver metropolitan areas. We have annual sales (aggregate) of 14 million and it seems it will not slow down. Email:

Jon Rutledge,Environmental Science '99.Environmental Scientist, ARCADIS, 6 Terry Drive, Suite 300, Newtown, PA 18940; Phone-267.685.1800 Fax-267.685.1801 Cell-215.275.0967 (3-2004)

Gregory Safran,BS in Geology '95. Geologist, Groundwater & Environmental Services (GES)gratuate.

Kirk Sander,EGEO ‘03.Kirk has a teaching assistantship in Environmental Science and Policy at the University of South Florida. (11/2004)

Renee Sandvig, Environmental Science '98. Renee earned an MS in Hydrology from the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. She now works for Environ Corporation in Princeton, NJ. (12/06)

Scott Schelling,G&ES '96.Just wanted to say hello to everyone. Since Graduating I have kept myself busy. I am currently a hydrographer for Dewberry and Davis Engineering Firm in Fairfax, Va. I am working on the National Flood Insurance Program for FEMA (Federal Emergancy Managment Agency). I am Getting Married May 5, 2001, to my college sweetheart Jessica Guers. Hope everyone at the Rock is doing well. Scott Schelling, 8401 Arlington Boulevard, Fairfax, VA 22031.  (7-18-2000)

Kolson Schlosser,BS in Environmental Studies '98. Kolson, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography at Penn State University, has received the Dissertation Research Scholarship offered by the Teresa Heinz Scholars for Environmental Research. The Heinz foundation gives away eight such scholarships to Ph.D. students from seven different schools who work on policy-related environmental research. Here's a linkto a PSU Geography news item about the award. (11/24/05)

David Schilling,BS in Environmental Science '95, with a minor in Geology.Copple-Rizzo and Associates.

Jill Shankel, BS in Environmental Studies, '93 and a BA in English Writing, 93. Jill works for the Mercer County Conservation District (MCCD).  She is a Conservation District Watershed Specialists and the education director of the Munnell Run Farm.  Munnell Run Farm is a 163-acre working farm owned by Mercer County and managed by the Munnell Run Farm Foundation, Inc. with the support of the MCCD. Located one mile north of Mercer on Route 58 W, the site demonstrates a number of best management practices that enhance and preserve soil, water, and other natural resources.  A story about Jill's workappeared in Grove City's Allied News. (01-2009)

David P. Slater, G&ES '88. Area Manager, Navigation Technologies Corporation, 7226 Warren-Sharon Road, Suite D, Brookfield, OH 44403. (7-14-99)

Tom Smarr,G&ES '96.I have made my way to Longwood Gardens (P.O. Box 501, Kennett Square, PA 19348) as an intern until November, 1997. I'm currently working in greenhouse production, but will move on to plant care for sales and experimental. I hope all is well with you and everyone there. (3/14/97)

Clint Smeltzer,BS in Environmental Studies and in Geography and Environmental Planning with a minor in Cartography '97.Clint is a planner with Herbert, Rowland & Grubic. (99)

Earl Smith,'02.I am happy to announce that I have been accepted to the Georgetown-Scott County Planning Commission in Georgetown, Kentucky. They are located ten miles north of Lexington and are in the heart of bluegrass country. They pride themselves on horses, Georgetown College, and the foundation of  bourbon whiskey by a Baptist minister in 1789. You can find everything about Georgetown here- will be working for both the planning commission and the water/sewer company in town doing GIS and GPS work. Toyota has built a manufacturing facility just north of town that constructs 500,000 Camrys, Siennas, and Avalons each year. The community is growing by leaps and bounds because of the plant, and they would like me to help map it out. I'm anxious to also help with the planning, zoning, and engineering of the county. I will be using the Trimble GeoExplorer, CE Series, for my adventures this time around and the GIS office utilizes ESRI software.  Starting date is projected for mid-December. They are very helpful in my transition, providing apartment phone numbers, some moving costs, and many contacts for Candra's teaching career.  ...Thank you all for your support and education for this next step in my life.   It is greatly appreciated!  (11-15-2002)

Philip Smith, BS in Applied Geographic Technology '06. Phil is a Survey Technician with Trans Associates.  Trans Associates is a civil engineering consulting firm that specializes in transportation project development.  Phil enjoys his work with them.  He found his job with Trans Assoicates through Synerfac Technical Staffing. (12/06)

Stephen ("Brett") Sovick, G&ES '99.GIS Specialist, Lockheed Martin / REAC, 2890 Woodbridge Ave., Bldg. 209 Annex, Edison, NJ 08837, 732.321.4229,  My wife and I are expecting a baby boy in June. His name is Ian. We have been doing the whole home renovation thing, so on top of work, a masters degree, and daily life, I have our house half torn apart. Life is good, though.  I just got back from my second tour working on the Space Shuttle recovery project. The first was for a 16 day period, approximately 10 days after the disaster. I was the principal GIS specialist at the Barksdale Air Force Base command post for about 10 days of that first tour. I worked to successfully transfer the GIS operations to Lufkin, TX; the secondary command post prior to the Barksdale transition. The Lufkin GIS operation, headed up by FEMA consisted of approximately 30 operators who were turning out several hundred maps per day (they hit 1,000 on one day). My job while in Lufkin was to continue producing a 12 - 14 map package for the Shuttle Mishap Investigation Team (MIT). These maps were used to strategize and plan searches for debris, and to visualize the extent of the debris field (especially important early on). I was serving the NASA Remote Sensing Directorate as well by working on RS sensor selection, plotting areas of interest for various RS collects, and working with highly classified COMPASS data (a DOD asset). There were two astronauts that were heading up the entire investigation from the Lufkin field office that I was tasked to while in Barksdale. They were the primary customers for the map product, as was the MIT.  While in Lufkin, I was able to work on a strategy during my second tour that would transfer GIS operations to Stennis Space Center, and Johnson Space Center. I worked directly with FEMA, NASA, the Texas Forest Service, DOD, the FBI, and NIMA. ESRI was there as well, providing automation support, and various map products.  The experience was one I will never forget. It is good to be home, though. (4-2003)

Anthony Spehar,G&ES '99.I am writing to let you know what I am doing now. I am currently working at the U.S. Geological Survey in West Trenton, New Jersey. I work in the water resources division, which does stream gauging across the state. I like my job and feel that it could be a major stepping stone in my career. I started last week, and I spend a lot of time in the field in training. I am actually paid by ECO (Environmental Careers Organization). If I truly like working for the survey, I am guaranteed to be hired after two years, or at least that is what I was told. I plan to continue my academic career until I at least obtain a masters. USGS will pay for classes once I am an employee. I am still presenting my poster that I composed in Oklahoma at the American Water Resources Association meeting in Seattle, Washington. I plan to go back to school as soon as next semester for at least one class per term. (12-99)

Jason Spickerman, Applied Geographic Technology '06. Jason has a temporary position collecting field data and mapping it at Valles Caldera National Preserve in New Mexico. (5/07)

Jason Stahl,BS in Environmental Studies '96.Jason does environmental compliance work for Virtual Workplace in Monroeville, PA. He has earned the OSHA 'Hazwhoper' certification (Hazardous Waste Operation and Emergency Response). (99)

Judy (Downs) Stone,G&ES '77.Hi! I am the Director for the Bureau of Planning and Community Development in Oil City, 21 Seneca Street, Oil City PA 16301. We are currently having a wonderful time putting in a $2 million project in our downtown. We put the grant packaging together to finally pull this off! Come to see us anytime. (4/14/97)

Robert Stasik,BS in Environmental Science '91.Staff Environmental Engineer, Gwin, Dobson, and Foreman.

Gregory Steighner,BS in Environmental Science '93.Health & Safety Tech, IT Corp.

Summerville, Sarah.G&ES '92.Assistant Director, Unexpected Wildlife Refuge, Newfield, NJ. Visit us at: (5-31-01)

Todd Surrena,BA in Geology '94.Masters in Geology - Kent State University '96. Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources.

Timothy Swalin, Applied Science '00, with a minor in Cartography. I was offered a position with the Erie City Water Authority as a GIS/CAD Technician. I started work on July 31, 2000, and have been in the process of establishing a GIS for the Water Authority. The first step for me was to orient myself with the current environment, how they do things here, what is the current level of knowledge when it comes to GIS, etc. I find it hard to believe, but they are still maintaining the infrastructure as they have since they began supplying water to the city of Erie. They do have some digital files, but these consist mainly of some hydrant flow data, and main extension data. The maps of the distribution system are still maintained on paper, and any changes to the system are manually updated. They also have some digital files of the distribution system created by Chester Engineering, but these maps are not georeferenced, and lack a substantial database. My task ahead is quite challenging.

Al Thompson,BS in Geology '87.Hello to Dr. Hinds!  I am working in Casper, WY, and have a beautiful little girl, age 2.5 [in Jan ’03] named Amber. Still am enjoying the West since you introduced me to it during the Geology Excursion – you will be proud to know I own a used Subaru wagon now.  (6/2004)

Matthew Thompson,G&ES '94.I found your address on the SRU web site and I just wanted to send a note to say "Hi," I hope everything is going well at the university, and to pass on a little information. Since June 1996, I have been working as a cartographer with the [federal government] in Virginia....The hardware we work on are Intergraph TDZs which are basically very fast PCs. We use Microstation SE mapping software along with a world databank to construct most maps. Within the last year we have been using Adobe products such as Illustrator, Pagemaker, and Photoshop to enhance many of our products....Enjoy the rest of your summer! (8/99)

Catherine Tulley, BS in Geography: Applied Geographic Technology '07. I am a full-time graduate student in Geography at Ohio University in Athens, OH. My thesis research is going to focus on object-oriented image classification and GIS modeling to predict barn owl habitat in PA. I was just elected president of the department graduate student association for 2008-2009.
I'm also working part-time for a local wireless ISP, helping them to create a marketing GIS. (03/2008)

Anita (Ursitti) Seese,G&ES '96.  I have another update for myself on the alumni page. ...Anita Ursitti, G&ES '96. Planner - Lake County Planning Commission (near Cleveland, Ohio) 3 years; Planner - Beaver County Planning Commission (PA) 2 years. At both jobs I was in charge of reviewing subdivision ordinances and new submittals, and zoning ordinances and change requests at the county level.  Married Randy Seese 9-11-99, daughter Gina born 1-15-02. I can be reached at (8-2-02)

Marnie Urso,G&ES '97.  I am working for the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund as the Ohio State Director. The LCV Education Fund is a national, non-profit 501 C(3) organization that was founded to promote active and responsible citizenship in addressing our nation's environmental challenges. Our strategy is to help state and local enviro. and conservation groups collaborate and provide updated skills and technology. It all sounds kind of abstract, but please check out the website at: We are the sister organization of the LCV which puts out the environmental scorecard on Congress. Anyway, I just started in October and am really enjoying it. ...More and more NGO's are having a big impact on shaping the way that environmental policy is moving - at the legislative and educational level. There are some great jobs for college grads who really want to make a difference for the environmental movement, not just for some corporation. I finished with PIRG last May. I was working at Oberlin college, teaching students grassroots organizing skills, and running political environmental campaigns. It was a great experience. I learned so much. I was running press conferences, meeting with legislators, and at the same time developing the awesome student idealism into student action and empowerment. I was amazed at how quickly students were able to become leaders on these issues. I also directed a canvassing office, which wore me out. I took a break and taught at a Nature Center, and a Girl Scout Camp over the summer. Then the job with the LCV Ed Fund came along and I was lucky enough to get it. I consider it a huge step up, and am very excited about the work that I am doing. I'd love to expose some students to it. I am often back home in Pittsburgh for visits. Let me know if anyone would be interested in a class presentation. (6-20-2000)   I will be working for the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG's). It is a non-profit organization started in the '70's by Ralph Nader. They are located in about 30 states or so (including PA), and work on environmental and public interest issues. Past campaigns include everything from fighting to restrict logging in our national forests to fighting the ATM surcharges that have been so prevalent lately. I will not start training as a campus organizer until the end of July. I won't find out what campus I will be on until early August. Until then, I will be canvassing around Boston to learn the issues that the MassPIRGs are working on. (5/26/98)

Mark Valenty,BS in Environmental Science '94, with a minor in Geology.Geologist, Groundwater and Environmental Services.

Brandon Verba, BS in Environmental Science '04. I'm writing to let you know that I recently got a full time entry-level job at CORE Environmental Services in Allison Park, PA. By the time you get this I probably will have a month in. The job is cool. My official title is field technician, but I do all kinds of stuff. My duties right now include groundwater sampling, slug tests, remediation system O&M, well head repair, among other things. Eventually I will be dealing with GIS and AutoCAD programs. One thing I've already done is make potentiometric maps on the computer. It is definitely a good position. I travel a good bit. (date unknown)

Ronald Vigna,BA in Geology '93. W. D. Mohney and Associates.
: "I have been working for the Michael Baker Corporation in Alexandria, Virginia, for 3+ years now."  Ron Vigna, Michael Baker Jr., Inc., 3601 Eisenhower Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22304, 703-960-8800.  (9-5-2003)

Sondra (McCleary) Vollmer,G&ES '99.Hello to everyone! Just thought I'd send a quick note saying hello. I am working at MapInfo in Monroeville, PA. Check out their website at company is a software and data company - they emphasize the usefulness of displaying companies' data with a map as opposed to graphs or charts. I work in the research department, and I will soon begin training the company's customers on how to use the software. ... I found this position, or I should say they found me, by placing my resume on I highly recommend taking the time to do that to all graduating seniors. I found that a lot of companies looking for professionals use the internet as a source more than the weekly Sunday newspaper. I am finding both of my majors to be very helpful here along with my cartography minor. I am already familiar with a lot of the terminology being used. The office I work in deals a lot with the telecommunications industry, so I have been spending time reading books the company gives me to learn about that and all the different acronyms used. I hope everyone has a good semester. Good luck to all of you. (8-30-99)  Everything is going very well here. I truly enjoy my job. Everyone is nice and the office has a very laid back atmosphere. I'm continuing my work of research (using different data files to update our products and looking for applications for new products - in fact, the company is building a project based on WAP (wireless application protocol) that I began the research on!), and I am also now in charge of the main database that 3/4 of our products are either based on or use in some way. I also am a trainer for the MapInfo Pro software.   (3-22-2000) 

Tamira Vayansky,G&ES '98.I am currently employed as the Planning Director for Hempfield Township which is located in Westmoreland County. I am still getting adjusted to the job since I am only 24 years old and am in charge of so many people. ...[I] have an assistant who is a graduate from IUP. We are in the process of implementing a GIS system and establishing our Planning Department. Hempfield has never had one, so there is much to be done. Tamira M. Vayansky, 367 Aitken Avenue, Belle Vernon, PA 15012,

Rick Viglione,G&ES '74.  I have been working as a planner since January of 1975.  I worked for the Elk County Planning Commission for eight years before moving to my present job.  I have been the Planning Director for the ATA, a six-county regional public transportation agency serving McKean, Potter, Elk, Cameron, Jefferson, and Clearfield Counties for the past twenty years.  I have been enjoying this web site as well as the entire Geography/Geology page.   I stopped by the Rock about a month ago.... my, my how things have changed.  Next time I am in the area during the week I will stop in.  Take care.  (9-23-2003)

Rick Viglione,G&ES '74.  I have been working as a planner since January of 1975.  I worked for the Elk County Planning Commission for eight years before moving to my present job.  I have been the Planning Director for the ATA, a six-county regional public transportation agency serving McKean, Potter, Elk, Cameron, Jefferson, and Clearfield Counties for the past twenty years.  I have been enjoying this web site as well as the entire Geography/Geology page.   I stopped by the Rock about a month ago.... my, my how things have changed.  Next time I am in the area during the week I will stop in.  Take care.  (9-23-2003)

Aaron Walters,BS in Environmental Studies '02.96 Campbell Avenue, Washington, PA 15301.  Getting married October 25th.  "I hope the department is doing well and providing for tomorrow's leaders."  (9-20-2003)

James F. Watson,BA in Geology '96.R. J. Lee Group, Inc

Scott Wedekind, BS in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geographic Information Technology '05.Scott is a staff scientist with O'Brien & Gere in their Edison, NJ office. O'Brien & Gereis an environmental engineering firm. (10/07)

Jessica Whittaker,BS in Environmental Science '96.Environmental Scientist, Geologic Services Corp.

John Wilson,BS in Geology '85. John is a hydrologist for the U.S. Geological Survey in Indianapolis. (12/06)

Robert A. Wilson,Geography '98.31 Hoover Road, Lancaster PA 17603.  Senior Cartographer, Creative Mapping Solutions, Mapquest, 3710 Hempland Road, Mountville PA 17554.  Tel. 717-285-8492, fax. 717-285-8415.  "I currently work for Mapquest as a cartographer.  I love it." (9-20-2003)

Peter Wimer,G&ES '95.I have not checked in since shortly after graduation and a lot has changed. I am currently now working as a Sr. Analyst in a Planning & Mapping Department for Teligent Inc. in Washington D.C. Teligent is an International Wireless Telecommunications Company ( I have been happily married to a wonderful lady since 9/96. No kids yet. I am also involved with a local 4-wheel drive club ( that works with the local Forest Service to keep trails and roads open for all to enjoy. The club has also adopted two (2) trails within the National Forest that we clean up at least twice per year. I have been unable to make it back to the Rock, but hope to in the coming months. Pete Wimer, Site Planning & Mapping, Office: (703) 762-5245, E-Fax: (520) 962-8066,

Brad Witherite,G&ES '99.Brad is a Hub Communicator with Estes Express. (99)

Dave Yargar, BA in Geology '76. Dave is an air quality specialist with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. (7/06)

Naomi Yoshida,G&ES '91.Naomi is a Study Abroad and Travel Counselor in Japan. She is also a part-time English teacher. (8-4-97)

Tom Zanarini,G&ES '03.Tom is the Associate Planner for the City of Mill Valley, CA.  The position involves permit review for residential and commercial projects, design review and CEQA applications.  Mill Valley is a small community in the north bay of the San Francisco area, in Marin County.  It has a rural nature but is only a 10 minute drive to San Francisco. (10/2007)

Donna Zingaro, BS in Geography: Environmental Studies '08 with a minor in Biology. Donna is starting grad school at Youngstown State University in January 2009 and will focus on the trichloroethylene contamination as her research project.  She has met with an advisor who suggests that she work on it from a bacterial bioremediation angle, so she's now reading research papers on the subject.  (1/2009)

Aaron Zrimsek,BS in Environmental Studies '03. " August 2003, after graduation, I recieved a job offer as a GIS Technician working at SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) in Melbourne, FL. This is another company that has frequent GIS job openings and some internship possibilities, just in case you wanted to share with the current students. Well, Thanks again and I hope all is well up at the ROCK! Take Care, Aaron Zrimsek, B.S. Env. Studies, Minor in GIS. (11/2004)

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