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G&ES 450: Internship

Guidelines for Keeping the Daily Journal

The daily journal represents one-fifth of the intern's grade for the course. It should be kept up on a regular basis, a minimum of one page, 8-1/2 by 11" size, of entries per day. Use a separate page to begin each day, and a minimum of entries (daily reports) as follows:

a) G&ES 450-01 (3 hrs) - 15
b) G&ES 450-02 (6 hrs) - 30
c) G&ES 450-03 (9 hrs) - 45
d) G&ES 450-04 (12 hrs) - 60

The journal may be handwritten, but it must be in ink, not pencil.

At the conclusion of the first five entries (days in the field), copies of those entries should be sent to the professor coordinating your internship for comments, corrections, and suggestions. Following the first five entries, additional entries should be forwarded every 1-2 weeks.

Journal entries can be mailed to the professor supervising your internship at the GGE office. The address should read as follows:

Department of Geography, Geology, and the Environment
319 Advanced Technology and Science Hall
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania
Slippery Rock, PA 16057-1326
Attn: Your Professor's Name

You may also address mail to the professor at their office address. See the
Faculty page for links to each faculty member's homepage and office address.

Another possibility is to e-mail the journal entries directly to your internship supervisor as an electronic document. If you send them as an email attachment, please send them as a simple text file or a Word document. See the Faculty page for links to each faculty member's homepage and email information.

Each day's entry should be divided into two parts: log and comments. The log is a daily listing of times and activities. The log should be anywhere from two to eight lines, logged in by the time of day and what you did. You do not have to log in breaks.

The comments section is your opportunity to respond to, and reflect upon, those activities. You might also include observations and data that will be useful for preparing the final paper.


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