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 Current Projects 



Karen Abrams and James Stitt completed a greenhouse gas emissions inventory using the Clean Air/Cool Planet Software

Dan Snyder completed a campus lighting survey

Cory St. Esprit researched the role of state parks in sustainability

Cole Williams and Karen Abrams worked with Allegheny County to revise their purchasing agreements

Michael Arblaster completed his internship at the Healing Gardens Organic Food Cooperative in Glastonbury, Somerset, UK, where he learned organic gardening and permaculture techniques.

Emily Wilkinson is completing a campus sustainability inventory using the STARS program

Rachel DeWolf is researching the application of Yogic Ethics on consumer activity

Elaine Korkuska is working on starting a Slow Foods chapter for the Slippery Rock, PA area

Christopher Tylenda is completing his internship with Four Seasons Environmental, Inc. doing building commissioning on LEED projects at Ohio State University

Greg D’Addario is developing a curriculum to teach first through third graders about sustainability during a week-long summer camp in Northern Virginia. He will be producing a journal article about the experience.

Holly Frantz is completing her internship with Susquehanna Permaculture in Lancaster, Penssylvania.

Tom Smith is completing his internship with the Butler County Planning Commission in Butler, Pennsylvania.

Mark Lane is working with Sustainable Slippery Rock, and is completing his internship at Rock Falls Park, as a leader in their sustainable revitalization efforts.

Mary Deemer will be working with the Energy Conservation Committee at Slippery Rock University to implement an Energy Conservation Campaign for Fall 2011.