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Community Garden

The Macoskey Center makes available garden plots to students and community members.  Community gardens are important for many reasons related to education and community building efforts.  Gardens provide fresh, nutritional food to those who may otherwise have limited access to it.  They also provide a gathering point for community members, and a feeling of accomplishment and unity.  Beautification and inspiration are benefits obtained from the act of growing, be it flower or vegetable.

Garden plots will be made available on a first-come first-served basis, first providing gardening opportunities to those who do not have the means to have a garden.  In keeping with the educational goals of RAMC, participants will be informed about the need to eliminate chemicals from the landscape.  Synthetic pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer usage will not be permitted.  Subscribers will be encouraged to deposit biomass from their plots in a designated compost bin. 

RAMC staff members will be available to facilitate the activities of garden plot subscribers.  Staff members will rototill plots upon request and provide access to hand tools.  A spring application of compost will be made available to subscribers.  Staff members will also coordinate information for subscribers, complete related paperwork, organize and advertise related activities, distribute straw bales, and fill water barrels.

This project will start in Late April and end with the growing season in late fall.  Required RAMC resources and expenses are directly related to the above activities.  Specifically, they include physical space of garden plots, compost, tools, and gas for the rototiller.

Garden plot subscription prices for the growing season follow:

  • Students $40
  • Non-students $50  

You will receive a $20 refund at the end of the growing season if all obligations and/or expectations as specified in this agreement have been met.

  • Straw bales are available for $3.00 each.



The Macoskey Center
247 Harmony Road
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Upcoming Events:
Kaleidoscope Earth Day
April 25 11:00-4:00
Carnival in the Quad
April 21 10:00-2:00