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The windrow composting system was developed to handle the decompostion of large amounts of material in a centralized location.  Composting is the process by which organic materials are decomposed (in a controlled setting) to a humus-like substance, which is an excellent soil amendment/additive. 

Leaves are collected from the Slippery Rock Borough residents each fall.  These leaves are placed in long, narrow windrows approximately 5 feet wide.  Throughout the school year, buckets containing pre-consumer food scraps from the University dining halls are delivered to the site three times per week.  One of the Center staff manually adds this material each time it is delivered, and monitors the process of decomposition within the windrows.  A large tractor-operated compost turner is used to turn the windrows periodically.  Enough compost is created to supply the the Market Garden project, and other Center-sponsored gardening activities. 

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