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The greenhouse has a raised bed and tables to allow year-round growing.  The greenhouse is built from recycled, energy-efficient and reclaimed materials.  The structure features a frost-protected shallow foundation system and an ICF (insulated concrete formwork) stem wall.  Once all the ICF building blocks were stacked, they were filled with concrete.  The resulting structure is incredibly strong with high thermal mass, and is well insulated.  The blocks are made from recycled material (polystyrene) and provide a far superioir insulating value than standard wall construction.

The bricks inside the structure were surplus materials from other building projects on campus.  A salvaged swamp cypress frame anchors the dual-wall polycarbonate glazing panels.  The glazing panels, along with the thermal mass of the structure, allow the greenhouse to absorb and retain heat from the sun.  Electricity for irrigation and ventilation is provided by an off-grid photovoltaic system.


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The Macoskey Center
247 Harmony Road
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

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