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 The Basics of Sustainability 



The Basics of Sustainability is a half-day program that introduces high school students to the concept of sustainability, and the connections between society, economy, and ecology.

The program helps students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a series of hands-on activities and discussions.  The students address an overview of sustainability definitions, make connections between global issues, and assess the sustainability of various day to day activities.

The program also features a tour of the unique sustainable systems and technologies in place at the Macoskey Center.

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The program is designed to address the following PA Academic Standards for Environment and Ecology:

4.2 Renewable and Non-renewable resources (4.2.12A, 4.2.12B)
4.3 Environmental Health (4.3.10A, 4.3.10C)
4.8 Humans and the Environment (4.8.10B, 4.8.10C)

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The Macoskey Center
247 Harmony Road
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Upcoming Events:
Kaleidoscope Earth Day
April 25 11:00-4:00
Carnival in the Quad
April 21 10:00-2:00