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 Mathematics Degree Programs  



A Bachelor's degree in mathematics from SRU is built on a core of 33 semester-hours in courses that help you develop the broad foundation vital for all mathematics professionals. This core includes a 3-semester sequence in calculus, a discrete math/intro to proofs sequence, and courses in linear algebra, differential equations, statistics, abstract algebra, and real analysis. Carefully crafted options for the course work required beyond the core let you tailor your degree to fit your own strengths, interests, and career goals.

 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

In addition to the 33-credit core, Bachelor of Science (BS) mathematics majors take another 12 credits of upper-level mathematics coursework and 15 credits of interdisciplinary courses, all selected to give your degree more depth in a key area. The Special Interest Areas link at left will let you explore the options for an SRU Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics focusing on your choice of:

Biology Chemistry Actuarial Science
Economics Finance Computer Science
Philosophy    Physics Math Graduate School
Pre-MBA Psychology    Environmental Geoscience
Statistics Public Health  Pre-Master's in Ed (secondary education)

  • Curriculum Guide (see individual Special Interest Areas)
  • Course Descriptions and Major Requirements
  • Special Interest Areas
    • (Actuarial Science, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Geology, Pre Graduate School, Philosophy, Physics, Pre-MBA, Psychology, Public Health, Secondard Education, Sociology, or Statistics). 

 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Students earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics at SRU enhance their core coursework with upper-level mathematics courses highlighting advanced mathematical reasoning and communication. This includes a semester or more of working one-on-one with a mathematics professor to create your own original, written thesis paper. As a BA student at SRU, you must also demonstrate third-year-level proficiency in a foreign language.



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