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 Meet the Mathematics Faculty at Slippery Rock 



 Robert Buck


Full Professor
University of Pittsburgh, PhD
University of Dayton, MS
Georgetown University, BS
Office: VSC 200E
Research Interests:  Topology (Generalized Metric Spaces), Statistics, Actuarial Science

 Michael Detlefsen


Full Professor
State University of Iowa, MS and PhD
University of Oregon, BA
Office: VSC 200L
Research Interests:  Multiplicative Lattices, Commutative Algebras

 Jeffrey Forrest (Also Known as Yi Lin)


Full Professor
Auburn University, PhD
Northwestern University (China), BS and MS
Office: VSC 200N
Research Interests:  Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical and General Systems Research, Time Series (Prediction Models)

 Elise Grabner


Full Professor
Ohio University, BS, MS, and PhD
Webpage: Click Here
Office: VSC 200P
Research Interests:  Point-Set Topology, Mathematics' Education

 Gary Grabner


Associate Professor
Ohio University, BS, MS, and PhD
Office: VSC 200Q
Research Interests:  Point-Set Topology

 Mohammad Ismail


Full Professor
University of Pittsburgh, PhD
University of Istambad, MS
University of Punjab, BS
Office: VSC 200H
Research Interests:  General Topology

 William Lindgren


Full Professor
Southern Illinois University, PhD
Southern Dakota School of Mines and Technology, BS and MS
Office: VSC 200K
Research Interests:  Quasi-Uniform Spaces, Topology

 Richard Marchand


Full Professor
University of Virginia, PhD
Clarion University of Pennsylvania, BS
Office: VSC 200M
Research Interests:  Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Control Theory, Numerical Analysis

 J. Lyn Miller


Assistant Professor
University of Maryland, PhD
Slippery Rock University, BS
Office: VSC 200B
Research Interests:  Computational Commutative Algebra

 Gary Roberts


Associate Professor
Purdue University, MS and PhD
Arkansas State University, BS
Office: VSC 200F
Research Interests:  Analysis, Differential Equations

 Andrzej Szymanski


Full Professor
Silesian University (Poland), MS and PhD

Webpage:Click Here
Office: VSC 200J
Research Interests:  Set Theory, Topology, Real Analysis

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