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What is it like to be a nursing student within SRU’s distance education program? 
"I chose SRU because of their BSN distance program. Since I live near Philadelphia, commuting was not an option, so I was glad to hear that SRU offered distance education. The tuition fees are much less than the other BSN programs in my area as well. I know that over the last 5 years more and more colleges/universities have online courses offered which is a huge plus for people who have lots on their plates. For the most part, all classes that I have taken (10) have been fair and the instructors are accommodating and work with the student to meet their needs. There was only one instructor that I encountered that did not respond to students emails, etc. and it was only by contacting the head of nursing that replies came. The workload is manageable and you need to keep up on the readings/assignments or you will fall behind. Also, most of the classes have deadlines and timeframes in which assignments/quizzes/papers are due. Depending on the instructor, point deduction and/or failure is possible if you do not keep up. Don't take online classes for granted, it is hard work and the expectations from the instructors are there.'

Advantages of the program?
"Sitting in the confines and comforts of your own home while attending classes. For the most part, allowing the students to have approx. 1 week to complete assignments. In some classes, instructors post all assignments and the student can complete the work and submit it as they go with no worries to deadlines. This example came out of one of my classes in the beginning and since then, I have not seen another like it. You get to meet other nursing students from all over the world and possible gain a friend or two. It is nice to see what other areas of nursing that people are involved in and how they like it or got there."

Strengthens of the program?
"Very knowledgeable instructors that care about your career, home life, and want to see you succeed which is priceless."

Thoughts for future students?
"Start out with one class at a time and then determine if you can handle 2+ classes per semester. Several of my classmates winded up dropping  a class or two because they had either family issues or took on a workload that they could not handle. Take your time and do well, rather than rushing things."

How has SRU nursing program helped you in your nursing practice?
"This BSN program has helped me tremendously in my nursing practice. It has been a good refresher, eye opener and has helped me to learn to research again."

Mary Munsell
RN to BSN Program

"SRU's RN-BSN Program allows you to apply what you learn in your classes to your everyday job.  This helps you to function as a better RN.  It is a great feeling knowing that your education is improving your nursing practice."

Jenn Fiscus
Post Baccalaureate Student
RN to BSN Program


"Being enrolled in the online distance education RN-BSN and School Nurse Certification programs at Slippery Rock University has facilitated and cultivated my leadership and communication skills, group process engagement, research and epidemiological thinking. Department of Nursing faculty have provided encouragement, consultation and motivation as I sought to expand my professional and educational advancement in nursing and as I continually seek to realize my goal of rendering the very best quality, efficient, effective care with my clients and particularly those of the school aged aggregate population. I am truly thankful to all who have functioned as mentors and offered consultation along the way.

The quality program provided in an asynchronous, flexible atmosphere proved indubitably beneficial to my professional practice as a 21st century community based healthcare professional while juggling my many other concurrent demands. While matriculating through the program, my confidence and passion to provide and advocate for measurable, quality, outcome driven care was heightened; subsequently I plan to utilize all that I have learned through the process of matriculating through the programs of study to enhance the survival, success and quality of life of children and families when seeking to employ innovation, integration, and program management.

I highly recommend this program to fellow Registered Nurses seeking to enhance their professional growth and development as they embody critical analysis and evidence based practice amidst continual advancements in medicine, technology, and legal frameworks of nursing practice."

Kimberly A. Delbo, RN


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