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Certificate in School Nursing FAQ's:

Is the program online? Yes, all the courses are online.

What are the admission requirements? There are three admission requirements: (1) applicants must have sucessfully earned a bachelors of science degree in nursing, (2) the undergraduate GPA of the BSN must be a 3.0 GPA or greater, and (3) the applicant must have a current, unrestricted RN license in the state of PA.

What is the practicum and what does it involve? The practicum is taken at the end of the certification program and consists of working with a certified school nurse in a school district of your choice. You will complete 50 hours of elementary experience and 50 hours of secondary experience with a certified school nurse(s).

Can I do the practicum in my own school district? If you work full time in your school district, then you have to do your practicum in a different school district. If you work only part time in a school district, then you can complete your practicum in that school district.

Can the practicum be completed in the summer? No, the practicum must be completed with a certified school nurse while school is in session during the school year.

Does prior subbing in a school district count towards practicum hours? No, all practicum hours must be taken during the semester when the student is registered for N622/N623.

Do I have to take N622/N623 together? Yes, the theory portion of the practicum (N622) is essential and interwoven with the practicum experience (N623).

How many semesters does it take to complete the school nurse certification? Certification can be completed in as few as four semesters (including summer and winter sessions), or can be completed at a slower pace that can be individualized for the student.

Do school nurses all earn the same amount of money once certified? No, school nurses earn a range of salaries based on the pay scale of the school district that employs them.

Graduate Admissions FAQ's for the School Nurse Certification Program:

What is the contact information for the Office of Graduate Admissions? The phone number is 724-738-2051 or toll free at 1-877-SRU-GRAD. You can also email at The mailing office is Office of Graduate Admissions, North Hall Welcome Center, 1 Morrow Way, Slippery Rock, PA 16057.

Where can I get an application for admission? Applications are accepted online. To gain access to the application please log onto click the link to the right, "Apply Now".

When should I apply for admission? For most graduate programs, applications are accepted and processed on a "rolling" basis until classes are filled. Only complete files will receive an official admission decision. It is recommended that you submit all of your credentials as far in advance as possible with a minimum of one month prior to the semester you wish to begin.

What credentials are required in the application process? Please complete an online application, submit a $25 application fee, and submit an official transcript of your undergraduate degree with proof of an earned BSN as well as all undergraduate institutions attended and transcripts of any graduate level work already completed along with a copy of your nursing license.

How long will it take to receive an admissions decision? Applicatin files are reviewed on a continuous basis. Applicants will be notified if their file is incomplete. Applicants usually receive a decision letter within one to two weeks after the credentials file is complete. You are welcome to call Graduate Admissions to check the status of your file.

What happens after I get my admission letter? Sign and return your acknowledgement form. Once received, you will be able to register for classes. Contact your program academic advisor as soon as you are ready to register.

What if I am admitted on a conditional basis? Conditional admittance means that your acceptance letter will list certain conditions that must be met prior to enrollment, or during your first semester of attendance, or both. Certification of a degree in progress at the time of application, official test scores or entry QPA are the most common reasons for a conditional offer.

Can I attend part-time, or every other semester? Graduate students enrolled for 8 or less credits are part-time and graduate students with 9 or more credits are full-time. If you are not part of a cohort program, your status can change each semester. If you are enrolled for a given semester, you will automatically remain eligible in the system for the next three semesters as long as you are in good academic standing. If you do not enroll for three active sessions in a row, you must apply to be reactivated by the Office of Graduate Admissions.



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