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 Public Health Employment 



Public Health Employment Opportunities: 

  • Work with health promotion and disease prevention programs  that target:
       --Improving the quality of life for older adults
       --Preventing childhood obesity
       --Promoting healthy lifestyles
       --Smoking cessation
       --Substance abuse
       --Risk management
       --Emergency preparedness
       --Reducing the risk of low birth weight infants
  • Employed by State and local public health departments or other government agencies, focusing on:
       --Infectious disease control
       --Community health planning and policy development
       --Drug and alcohol prevention
       --Maternal and child health
       --Public health education
       --International health
  • Work for wellness programs at large corporations or healthcare facilities as a health promotion specialist
  • Work for health insurance companies as a health coach
  • Specialize in health statistics, compiling data into reports and monitoring trends of health indicators

Where Do Public Health Professionals Practice?

  • Worksite health promotion/wellness programs
  • Health care settings
  • Communities
         --Various community agencies
         --Home health care
         --Regional/State Health Departments (Public Health)
         --Volunteer health agencies
         --Colleges, universities and professional organizations

What are Some Other Options?

A degree in Public Health prepares the student for a number of other career possibilities as well. Students are well prepared to go on to get their Master's Or Doctoral Degrees in Public Health, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician's Assistant, and Medicine, to name a few.

Public Health Job Opportunity Links:

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