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 Computational Physics 



Computational Physics combines physics, computer science and applied mathematics in order to provide scientific solutions to realistic and often complex problems. Areas of application include the nature of elementary particles, the study and design of materials,  the study of complex structures (like proteins) in biological physics, environmental modeling, and medical imaging. A computational physicist understands not only the workings of computers and the relevant science and mathematics, but also how computer algorithms and simulations connect the two.

Program Specifics:

Career Opportunities for Computational Physicists

The Bachelor of Science degree in computational physics is designed for students intending to pursue graduate study or employment in physics or a related scientific or technology discipline.

The rapid advances in the power of computers has been the primary driving factor in the recent developments in science, engineering, and technology related fields in industry. As a result, computational physicists are in great demand, and numerous jobs are available in both industry and academia. Our graduates will present to the job market and graduate schools, people who possess an in-depth education in physics, mathematics and computing, as well as valuable skills in complex problem-solving and team work.

  • A graduate degree in physics in areas such as biophysics, condensed matter physics, particle physics, astrophysics to name a few.
  • A career in High-performance and scientific computing, in the energy and aerospace sectors, with chemical and pharmaceutical companies, with environmental management agencies.
  • Employment in firms that develop scientific software, as well as computer games.
  • A research career in an academic, industrial, or national laboratory;
  • A teaching career in physics
  • A job in Wall Street. Even Wall Street employers are interested in people with a background in computational physics. 

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Featured Student:
Erica Keller
Erica Keller - Featured Student