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 Department Research  



We, in the department of physics, strongly believe in the importance of undergraduate research, both as an invaluable teaching tool as well as a vehicle for professional development for faculty members. Physics faculty are always on the look out for motivated students who would like to participate in research. Often, these faculty members have grant monies to pay students at an hourly rate. Students who have made use of research opportunities in the department have presented at local, national and international conferences. Many of these students have subsequently been recruited by top-notch graduate programs around the country, including Yale, Purdue, Penn State, and North Carolina State, to name a few. The following research areas are available in our department: Liquid Crystals, Computational Physics, Astrophysics, and Physics Education Research.

Students who choose the path of joining graduate school to do a Ph.D. are encouraged to collaborate in faculty-student research work.         

Prior to the Vincent Science renovations, Dr. Mahmood supervised three physics majors and an Exercise Science female on Liquid Crystal research. Following the move to East Gym, the LC lab was barely functional hence Dr. Mahmood’s research was severely constrained. He supervised one student, Joshua Elvey, who was in his Optics Lab to do research on lasers.

Dr. Herat and Dr. Valera have had a couple of students who worked and are presently working with them. Currently Ethan Corle is collaboration and will be presenting a poster in coming March Meeting conference.

Dr. Mukherjee has had students working on Photovoltaic cells, making Solar Blinds and Organic Light Emitting Diodes. These research projects were part of an Independent study course on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics. The students also received advice from Dr. Shaevitz and Dr. Mahmood.

Student Achievements: