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 Service Learning 



Every year the Space Science and Astronomy class does a service learning project in spring and fall and they are usually joined by the physics majors too.

  • 2006 Fall:  DVD on “Whether Pluto was a planet?”  They laid the argument for why it was necessary to categorize Pluto as a dwarf planet. The before and after voting that was done prior to and after the showing of the DVD demonstrated that some people in the audience did change their mind and were ready to accept the new label for Pluto.   
  • 2007 Fall:  DVD, on the International Heliophysical Year for the general public. This was followed by a skit where faculty members also participated.
  • 2008 Fall: Workshop and skit on Galileo 
  • 2009 Fall and Spring: Celebrated the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s use of the telescope. There was a workshop and Galileoscopes were assembled and given away to Slippery Rock Elementary School children.
  • 2010 Fall:  The physics majors in the Optics and Modern Physics Class and the Space Science students participated in a service-learning project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of lasers.  They did a laser show along with relevant experiments on optics and posters of applications of lasers in exploring the solar system to high school and middle school students.


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