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 Conference Presentations 



Physics students have presented at a variety of conferences as illustrated below.

International Liquid Crystal conference in Colorado
Eric Hardin, Dustin Hemphill and Kevin Sobczak (advisor Dr. Mahmood)

SRU Research Symposium
Dustin Hemphill and  Duayne Rieger

AAPT meeting Western PA:

  • Adam Brant, Scott Rager and Kevin Sobczak presented a paper on “Satellite Drag” (faculty advisors Drs. Heart and Mukherjee)
  • Duayne Rieger presented a paper on “Computation of the relationship between Epicentral Distance and Arrival Times of seimic waves propagating through a radially heterogenous Earth model (faculty advisors Dr. Heart and Dr. Zieg (Geology))
  • Kevin Sobczak, Dustin Hemphill and Eric Hardin presented a paper on “The behavior of 5CB in a Confined Environment” (advisor Dr. Mahmood)
  • Electro-Optics Alliance Meeting , in Travel-ford city, was attended by Kevin Sobczak and Bradley Kirkwood (advisor Dr. Mahmood)

SRU Research Symposium

  • Effects of Air drag on the Longevity of a Satellite’s Orbit – Adam Brant & Scott Rager (advisor Drs. Heart and Mukherjee)
  • Birefringence Measurements in Thermotropic-Lyotropic-Water Mixture System – Eric Hardin, Dustin Hemphill & Kebin Sobczak (advisor Dr. Mahmood)
  • The Resonance Effects on the Dynamical Evolution of Asteroid Orbits – Dustin Hemphill & Eric Hardin ( advisor Drs. Heart and Mukherjee)
  • Thermal Microscopy on Thermotropic + Water + Lyotropic Mixture – Dustin Hemphill, Eric Hardin & Kevin Sobczak (advisor Dr. Mahmood)
  • High Resolution Light Scattering Studies in Liquid Crystals – Kevin Sobczak, Dustin Hemphill & Eric Hardin (advisor Dr. Mahmood)

SRU Research Symposium

  • Dynamics of Spherulite Formation from Self-Aggregation of Amyloid Fibrils in Beta – Lactoglobulin – Eric Hardin & Dustin Hemphill (advisors Drs. Mahmood, Heart & Mukherjee)
  • Nematic Order Parameter in Thermodtropic/Lyotropic Mixture System – Eric Hardin, Dustin Hemphill, Brad Kirkwood, Kevin Sobczak (advisor Dr. Mahmood)
  • Velocity Structure Near the Site of the Northern 2002 Embayment Seismic Excitation Experiment Explosion from Reflection, Refraction, and Strong Motion Measurements – Duayne Rieger, Charles Langston, Robert Williams & David Worley (advisor Dr. Heart)
  •  An Alternative Explanation to Dark Matter in the Universe – Kevin Sobczak & Dustin Hemphill ( advisor Drs. Heart and Mukherjee)

Following are the non-physics majors in Dr. Mukherjee’s Astronomy class who have presented at SRU’s Research Symposium 

  • A Concise History of Women Astronomers – Kaitlyn Campbell, Dessie Cipicchio, Kathryn Kurylo & Mandy McNabb
  • The Mystery of Gamma Ray Bursts – Peter Lukas & Meghan Rice


  • Our Cyclic Universe – Kathryn George
  • Theories of Galaxy Formation – Jesse Jennings
  •  Investigating Dark Energy – Andrew Ryan & Emily Gamble


  • Identifying Dark Matter – Elizabeth Kocab & Matthew Scott
  • Hubble’s New Eyes Makes Novel Discoveries – Susie Jansto, Zane Barger & Garrett Bonfanti
  • Our Local Group in the Universe – Anna Timko & Christian McIlwain
  • Exoplanets – Detection and Study – Andrew Ryan
  • The Wonders of the Milky Way – Chanel Jackson & Christine Carmichael

APS March meeting in Pittsburgh

  • “Birefringence Measurements of Spherulites formed in β-Lactoglobulin”, E. Hardin, B. Kirkwood, J. Loman, K. Domik, A. Herat, and R. Mahmood, American Physical Society (APS) Annual Meeting, March 2009 (Pittsburgh).
  • “Molecular Dynamics of the Sedimentation of polydisperse colloids”, M. Hicks, J. Yarzebinski, A. Herat, M. Valera,. American Physical Society (APS) Annual Meeting, March 2009 (Pittsburgh).

SRU Research Symposium

  • Birefringence Measurements of Spherulites Formed in a-Lactoglobulin – Jazmine Lohman, Brad Kirkwood & Eric Hardin (advisors Drs. Heart and Mahmood)
  • The Efficiency of Solar Panel Generated Energy – Joseph McIlvenny, Steven Runnion & Eric Elder (advisor Dr. Mukherjee)

SRU Research Symposium

  • Blue Lasers – Joshua Elvey (advisor Dr. Mahmood)
  • Solar Blinds - Jesse Pattison and Joseph Yarzebinski (advisor Dr. Mukherjee)
  • The Construction, Utility, and Effectiveness of Organic Light Emitting Diodes – David Allen & Steven Graner (advisors  Drs. Mukherjee and Shaevitz)
  • The Efficiency and Application of Solar Panel Generated Energy in Western Pennsylvania - Joseph McIlvenny (advisor Dr. Mukherjee)
  • Variable Stars – Joshua Elvey (advisor Dr. Mukherjee)

2011 APS March Meeting in Dallas, TX.
Drs. Manuel Valera, Athula Herat, and physics junior Mr. Ethan Corle will present the outcomes of their research work on Molecular Dynamics of Colloidal binary mixtures in an electric field at the 2011 American Physical Society’s Annual meeting (March Meeting), in Dallas, TX.

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