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 Student Achievements: Vistations and Grants  




In the last five years, Physics majors have visited:

  • The Brookhaven National Laboratory twice (2006, 2008) to conduct research for Dr. Mahmood
  • The Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State accompanied by Dr. Mahmood
  • University of Colorado at Boulder (Summer 2007) to conduct research on Liquid Crystals with  Dr. Mahmood.
  • The APS meeting in Pittsburgh accompanied by Drs. Herat and Valera
  • The Pittsburgh Supercomputing center accompanied by Dr. Valera


The physics majors sometimes obtain student grants available to them from the University and are matched by an equal amount from the Department if it is deemed necessary. The following are the list of students who received grants:

  • 2009 Joseph McIlvenny: The Efficiency and Application of Solar Panel Generated Energy in Western Pennsylvania
  • 2009 Jesse Pattison and Joseph Yarzebinski: Solar Blinds
  • 2010 Dustin Schrecongost: Going Green with Solar Energy

David Allen and Steven Graner worked on the Construction of Organic Light Emitting Diodes that was funded by the Physics Department and was facilitated by Dr. Lim and Dr. Zapien from the Dept. of Chemistry and by Prof. Thomas Como from the Art Department.

Student Achievements: