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 Alumni Testimonials 



Name: Marisa Hicks
Major: Pre-Engineering (SRU) + Bio-Mechanical Engineering (PSU) Current Status: Production Supervisor and Engineer for Pepsi Beverages Company

In May of 2011, I was proud to call myself both a SRU and PSU graduate.
I was fortunate to find a place like Slippery Rock University that provided a 3+2 dual degree program. My participation in the program allowed me to have a unique college experience. My first 3 years at SRU provided me with the solid foundation I needed to succeed in a university like Penn State. The unparalleled Physics Department at SRU supplied me with not only the knowledge necessary to pursue an engineering degree, but also the confidence and discipline it takes to thrive in such a demanding major.  As the only 3+2 student in the Bioengineering department, it was evident that my previous work at SRU allowed me to flourish among all my peers. The Physics Department at SRU provided an intimate learning setting that cannot be matched by any large university. We all attend college in hopes of setting of a prosperous future, and I absolutely credit my success as a student and professional to the first 3 critical years in the SRU Physics Department.

Name: Eric Hardin
Major: Computational Physics
Current Status: Ph.D. student, Department of Physics, North Carolina State University

Due to Slippery Rock's emphasis on undergraduate education and the commitment and skill of the physics faculty, I had the opportunity to earn a strong education in physics in an engaging, exciting environment cultivated by friendly physics faculty. Outside of the classroom, my fellow students and I were given the opportunity to conduct original research and pursue personal projects under the direction of our professors. This augmented my in-class education and has given me a substantial collection of skills and experiences that have opened up opportunities for me since my graduation by setting me apart from other students. But what I value most about my experience with the Slippery Rock Physics Department is the sincere, benevolent guidance that our professors gave us regarding internships, graduate schools, career choices and any other issues that we dealt with as physics students. This guidance enabled us to meet our potential. For these reasons, I would emphatically recommend Slippery Rock to any student who is interested in studying physics and wants to get the most out of their undergraduate experience.   

Name: Duayne Rieger
Major: Computational Physics
Current Status: Ph.D. student, Department of Geophysics, Yale University.

My name is Duayne M. Rieger and I am a 2008 graduate of the Slippery Rock University Dept. of Physics.  During my time at Slippery Rock in the Dept. of Physics, I benefitted from the small class sizes and the very personable faculty.  I studied in the Computational Physics tract, where I not only learned the necessary material for beginning a career in physics, but many other skill sets that have become invaluable to me, such as computer programming.  I am currently a graduate student in Geophysics at Yale University.  In starting my program at Yale, I found myself well prepared and using the physics, math, and computing skills that I acquired at Slippery Rock on a daily basis. If I had to do everything over again, I would undoubtedly choose Slippery Rock for my physics undergraduate studies again.   In the Slippery Rock Dept. of Physics, you not only receive a great education to pursuit an academic or technical career in physics, but you receive it in a small class size, from personable faculty members, and for a relatively affordable price.

Name: Joyce Harrell
Major: Pre-Masters of Education – Physics, Masters Degree in Education (MED)
Current Status: High School Teacher, Northern Allegheny High School (Teaching Honors Physics, Grade 11 & 12)

I can honestly say that the education I received at Slippery Rock University to prepare me for my current position as a physics teacher was outstanding.  With a low student-to-teacher ratio in the Physics department and professors that were committed to helping their students learn the content, I felt comfortable and confident as a student within the department.  I knew that I could talk to my professors at any time; I developed a relationship with them that helped lead to my success both in and out of the classroom.  I felt that they truly cared and were just as invested in my future as I was.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Physics and moved on to receive my Masters of Education, also at Slippery Rock - a perfect combination for me.  I entered the Masters program with strong content knowledge and was then able to focus my energy on pedagogy.  My entrance to my own classroom was made seamless because of the professors and education I received at Slippery Rock University.


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