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 3+2 Pre-Engineering with West Virginia University 



In a cooperative program with the College of Engineering and Mineral Resources at West Virginia University (WVU), the pre-engineering student undertakes a three-year curriculum in liberal studies and natural sciences (physics, mathematics, and chemistry) at SRU and the required engineering curriculum at WVU.

Why Choose this Program:

You will reap the benefits of a teaching-focused institution during the first 3 years, including small class sizes in physics, mathematics and other required science courses, one-on-one attention from faculty in the physics department, and a strong liberal arts background.

Then you will receive two years at WVU focusing on engineering courses taught by faculty who are skilled professionals in the field.

You earn two degrees in 5 years!

The following engineering majors are available at WVU to students participating in the 3-2 program.


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Featured Student:
Erica Keller
Erica Keller - Featured Student