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 Pre-Engineering with West Virginia  



In a cooperative program with West Virginia University, Slippery Rock University's Dual Degree Pre-Engineering program gives students the best of both worlds: an affordable undergraduate education and plenty of choices to complete your Engineering degree at WVU including many tracks from which to choose (Civil Engineering, Industrial & Management Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering).

You earn 2 degrees in 5 years!

Why Choose SRU-WVU  Dual Degree?

  • Affordable tuition
  • Small class sizes with individual attention from SRU faculty
  • 125 year of engineering excellence at WVU
  • Work-study cooperatives and experience with engineering firms
  • Close to growing job market in West Virginia and Pennsylvania
  • Engineering is a great career
  • Best of all, it brings two outstanding universities together to prepare students for careers in engineering from the day they enter college.

How the Dual Degree works:

You enroll in SRU's physics program, taking math, science and pre-engineering electives. At the beginning of your fourth year, you transfer to WVUs College of Engineering.

After completing your first year at WVU, you will receive a bachelor's degree in physics from Slippery Rock University. After successful completion of your second year at WVU, you recieve a bachelor's degree in engineering from West Virginia University.

Program Specifics for SRU Students:

Pre-Engineering with WVU Dual Degree:

Admission criteria

  • SRU: 3.0 GPA, SAT combined 950 OR ACT 20
  • 3.0 grade point average at SRU by the end of junior year
  • Completion of the WVU admission material

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 Is Engineering for you?

  • Do you enjoy solving problems and putting ideas into action?
  • Are you interested in a high-paying career?
  • Are you curious about how things work?
  • Are you interested in improving the environment?
  • Are you interested in helping people live better?
  • Are you detailed oriented?
  • Are you creative?
  • Do you like to be challenged?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, then engineering may be a profession for you.

Featured Student:
Laura Ordaz
Laura Ordaz - Featured Student