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 Pre-Engineering Programs 



Slippery Rock University offers three options for Pre-Engineering students. Click on the icons below for more information. Also use the links to the left to explore more information about Pre-Engineering.


What is Engineering?
The profession of engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical knowledge to solve issues in the world. Understanding the use of computer-aided modeling, laboratory testing, and the analysis of data are crucial qualities for all engineers to have in finding solutions to unanswered questions. Engineers use their working knowledge of the economy and the limitations of materials for their designs to be successful.  Engineers aspire to create new technologies to improve production, safety, and conveniences of everyday life.  To be an engineer is to be a pioneer in many fields of specialty from biology and medicine to space exploration to military protection, and everything in between.  Engineering is an innovative, fast-paced, and constantly evolving profession that has existed for centuries, and will continue to stay around for centuries to come.

Who are Engineers?
Engineers and engineering students are logical, creative, and very determined individuals. Having a strong work ethic, organization skills, and being able to manage time are vital assets to an engineer’s career. These people need to have a passion to constantly learn and educate themselves in new ways throughout school and work.  Engineers have a strong working knowledge in science, mathematics, computer science, and a multitude of other fields.  Problem solving and teamwork are everyday experiences engineers face. Furthermore, people interested in engineering need to also have a strong skill set in different types of communications, such as writing and presenting. Engineers analyze data and cleverly devise ways to fulfill their duty to the betterment of mankind. Engineers must also obey and follow a moral ethical code of conduct. They cannot be greedy, but care for the safety of others and want to improve living standards of the human race. 

Why should I choose SRU for Pre-Engineering?
SRU's pre-engineering students can graduate with 2 degrees in as little as 5 years! This is a tremendous value. Generally, SRU pre-engineering students find themselves better prepared than students who begin their education at one of our partner universities. For more information, visit Why Choose SRU for Pre-Engineering.

What types of careers can I expect in Engineering?
No matter what type of engineering one chooses, the options created cover a broad field of many professions. Furthermore, within each main field of engineering there are a massive amount of subfields that a student has available for them to make a profitable, interesting, and exciting career. Upon graduation, engineers hold a valued set of skills that many want to employ. Critical thinking and problem solving abilities are highly valued by engineering companies as well as other production industries. Medical, mining, industry, and technological conveniences are only just a few of the options an engineer has available to them upon entering the professional world.  Engineers can work anywhere from an office setting to a laboratory, to even the outdoors.  It is up to the engineer to find and place oneself in the type of environment they desire most. Everything one sees, hears, tastes, and uses in today’s world most likely had an engineer help in multiple steps of the production of the product. Only the engineering student can limit their opportunities in finding a profession.

 Is Engineering for you?

  • Do you enjoy solving problems and putting ideas into action?
  • Are you interested in a high-paying career?
  • Are you curious about how things work?
  • Are you interested in improving the environment?
  • Are you interested in helping people live better?
  • Are you detailed oriented?
  • Are you creative?
  • Do you like to be challenged?

If you answered yes to some of these questions, then engineering may be a profession for you.

Featured Student:
Laura Ordaz
Laura Ordaz - Featured Student