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 Park and Resource Management Careers 



Possibly one of the most exciting things about studying park and resource management is learning and working in the field during the college experience. This summer work enlightens the student and helps the student gain a better appreciation and understanding of the multiple opportunities waiting for them after graduation. Careers in this field can be very unique, interesting and very rewarding.

Most of the students electing to pursue a career in park and resource management have a strong desire to work in the great outdoors and experience life on the trail, on the summit, or down the river. Our field is a service field so most of our students are interested and dedicated to serving the public. Careers include resource management, park and resource protection (law enforcement), interpretation, campground management, fire suppression, search and rescue, fee collections, and a host of other opportunities in the various visitor services.

To help you explore the various career options, we have provided you with a partial list of the agencies where many of our students find both seasonal and full-time employment. Have fun researching and we hope to get the opportunity to help you pursue your professional dreams.




For more information on various careers in the National Park Service, please visit:

National Park Service Careers

Featured Student:
Christine Kercell

Christine Kercell - Featured Student

Parks and Recreation Program Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Graphic & Technological Communication
  • Utilization of Professional Planning Tools and Instruments
  • Problem Solving
  • Facilities Evaluation & Management
  • Visitor Services
  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Foundations
  • Programming
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • Practical Professional Experience
  • Diversity
  • Valuing Ethical Responsibility