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 Online Master of Education in Environmental Education 



Slippery Rock University offers a completely online Master of Education degree in Environmental Education designed for the classroom teacher or nonformal educator who cannot come to campus for a traditional program yet still wanting to pursue an advanced degree in environmental education.  The primary focus of this program is on acquiring the skills necessary to address state and national guidelines for environmental education in classroom lessons as well as to assist school districts in meeting these recommendations. Since environmental education is frequently integrated into the curriculum, rather than addressed as a separate subject, the program helps students acquire program development competencies while increasing their understanding of societal interactions with ecological systems and providing a background in ecology and natural history. Additionally, individuals who work in, or desire to work in, non-formal educational settings are welcome to enroll in this program if they have a strong interest in curriculum development, creating and presenting professional development opportunities for teachers, or in working in an agency that offers supporting programs and services for classroom teachers. These sites would include nature and environmental centers, parks, museums, and zoos, to name a few. 

This 30-credit program provides students with a degree of flexibility and can help meet career goals, whether they involve changing to a new career or providing advanced study in environmental education.  We currently offer two online courses each summer and one online course in the fall and spring semesters so that the program can be completed in two years.  A six -credit internship is also required and can be completed during fall, spring, or summer.

The graduate program in environmental education is structured to provide both depth and breadth in a variety of relevant basic and advanced study areas. Emphasis is placed on environmental education philosophy, methodology, ecology, and content necessary for preparing an environmentally literate citizenry.

Online Environmental Education Curriculum

Online Environmental Education Curriculum

Featured Student:
Christine Kercell

Christine Kercell - Featured Student

Parks and Recreation Program Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Graphic & Technological Communication
  • Utilization of Professional Planning Tools and Instruments
  • Problem Solving
  • Facilities Evaluation & Management
  • Visitor Services
  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Foundations
  • Programming
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • Practical Professional Experience
  • Diversity
  • Valuing Ethical Responsibility