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 Online M Ed in Environmental Education Curriculum 



The online Master of Education program in Environmental Education consists of eight three-credit courses and a six credit internship for a total of 30 credits.  One class is offered each semester, fall and spring, with two classes offered each summer. 

Internships can be scheduled after a student has completed at least 18 credits in the program, and can be completed during any semester, either in a six-credit block or split into two three-credit internships in different semesters.  Appropriate Internships sites and opportunities are identified with the advisor.

Taken in order, the program can be completed in two calendar years, as courses repeat every two years.

Here is a list of the courses and the semesters in which they will be offered in the next two+ years:

Spring 2015

PREE 680 Environmental Education

Summer 2015

PREE 616 Aquatic Systems Interpretation

PREE 617 Terrestrial Systems Interpretation

Fall 2015

PREE 619 Environmental Grant Writing

Spring 2016

PREE 681 Environmental Issues

Summer 2016

PREE 618 Wildlife Education

PREE 621 Green Schools

Fall 2016

PREE 673 Ecosystem Ecology

Spring 2017

PREE 680 Environmental Education

Up to nine credits of graduate courses, taken at another institution prior to admission to this program, can be transferred if they are judged by the Graduate Coordinator to be appropriate for the program. 

Featured Student:
Christine Kercell

Christine Kercell - Featured Student

Parks and Recreation Program Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Graphic & Technological Communication
  • Utilization of Professional Planning Tools and Instruments
  • Problem Solving
  • Facilities Evaluation & Management
  • Visitor Services
  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Foundations
  • Programming
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • Practical Professional Experience
  • Diversity
  • Valuing Ethical Responsibility