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Parks and Recreation/Environmental Education 

 Online: Master of Science in Park and Resource Management 



The online program in park and resource management was designed to meet the needs of professionals in the field who, because of their employment situation, cannot attend a traditional graduate program.  The program has since expanded to serve students interested in pursuing new career paths or changing directions in their current jobs.

The MS in PRM program is conducted completely online.  This 30 credit program involves 24 credits of course work and a six credit Internship.  Two courses are offered each semester, fall and spring, and the program can be completed in two calendar years.  Internships can be scheduled once the student has completed at least 18 credits (six courses) in the program.  Internships can be scheduled during any semester, but most stiudents schedule them in the summer. Please be aware that this is not considered a full-time program as we only offer two courses (six credits) per semester.  Full-time status for graduate programs is nine credits.

Classes begin and end at the same time as on campus classes, and are conducted in an asynchronous manner, meaning that you do not have to be at your computer at a certain time.

Program courses include:

  • Ecosystem Ecology
  • Environmental Education
  • Environmental Grant Writing
  • Environmental Issues
  • Management Strategies
  • Natural and Cultural Resources Law
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • Research Methods

Admission requirements:

  • 2.75 undergraduate GPA
  • Letter of Intent (why you want to enroll in this program)
  • Please contact the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Dan Dziubek, for more information.

Course Rotation for Online PRM Program


Spring 2015

PREE 680 Environmental Education

PREE 654 Natural and Cultural Resources law

Fall 2015

PREE 619 Environmental Grant Writing

PREE 799 Research Methods

Spring 2016

PREE 675 Recreation Resource Management

PREE 681 Environmental issues

Fall 2016

PREE 673 Ecosystem Ecology

PREE 686 Management Strategies




Featured Student:
Christine Kercell

Christine Kercell - Featured Student

Parks and Recreation Program Outcomes

  • Communication
  • Graphic & Technological Communication
  • Utilization of Professional Planning Tools and Instruments
  • Problem Solving
  • Facilities Evaluation & Management
  • Visitor Services
  • Leadership
  • Administration
  • Foundations
  • Programming
  • Recreation Resource Management
  • Practical Professional Experience
  • Diversity
  • Valuing Ethical Responsibility