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“I can't say enough good about this program. Through this program I had to opportunity to develop a skill set and knowledge base that I will pull from for the rest of my career and my life. Being a graduate of this program really changed my world view and has given me so many opportunities to determine what I want to do in life and accomplish it one step at a time. Because of the program, faculty and my experiences with my classmates, I am proud to say that I have become a professional, with goals I would have never imagined.”

“Both as a graduate of SRU and as a professional now taking students from SRU, I have nothing but compliments for the background knowledge and enthusiasm for TR that is instilled in the graduates of this program.”

“I feel that the TR program at SRU fully prepared me to successfully complete graduate course work for a Master's degree in Recreational Therapy. Compared to students from other schools, I have a wider knowledge base, more practical experience in the field, and writing skills that have helped me in completing a thesis.”

Source:  These quotes were taken directly from the anonymous “New and Recent Graduate Survey, 2011”

“As a student in the SRU TR program, I was given the opportunity to gain an expansive skill set, that not only helped me to develop professionally but also personally.  I attribute my success in the program to the support I received from both the faculty and my classmates.  I don't know of       another department on campus where I could have gained a similar education.  I can confidently say that I gained the skills needed to become a marketable professional with the therapeutic recreation field.” - Cassie McMinn, ‘11

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Featured Student:
Melanie Snider
Melanie Snider - Featured Student

The Therapeutic Recreation program is accreditated by CAAHEP.


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