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 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology 



Students are required to maintain a minimum Psychology GPA of 2.5 in order to continue as a declared psychology major or minor.

Students whose GPA is below 2.5 will be given one semester to bring it up to the minimim criterion, and failure to do so will result in permanent dismissal from the major or minor program.

Psychology majors and minors must earn a grade of C or higher in Introduction to Psychology (PSYC105), Research Methods and Statistical Applications I (PSYC 221), and Introduction to Experimental Psychology (PSYC 325) and Experimental Psychology Lab (PSYC 326) in order to progress in the program.

Students will be permitted to repeat each of these courses one time only, and failure to achieve the minimum grade will result in dismissal from the major or minor program.

Students will not be approved to graduate with a major or minor in psychology with a Psychology GPA below 2.5 or with a D or F in PSYC 105, PSYC 221, or PYSC 325/326. 

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Lesli Somerset - Featured Student

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