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Elizabeth Boerger, Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching interestes include:
Developmental psychology with an emphasis on early and middle childhood. I am particularly interested in development in children's understanding of their own and others' thoughts and emotions, self concept development, moral development and development in understanding of fantasy/fiction and religious beliefs.
Emily Keener Ph.D. Email Web Page
Research interests include:
Gender differences and similarities in interpersonal processes, such as the goals and strategies adolescents and young adults use to manage conflict management with friends and romantic partners.

Catherine J. Massey Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching and research interests:
Research interests include contextual influences (e.g., family, culture) on adolescent psychosocial development and substance use; the development, implementation, and evaluation of adolescent and young adult smoking cessation programs.

Christopher L. Niebauer Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching and research interests:
Cognitive neuropsychology, laterality, spatial cognition and experimental epistemology.

Richard L. Port Ph.D. Web Page
Dr. Port served the Psychology department for 24 years.  Regretfully, he passed away in April 2012.  He will be dearly remembered for his commitment to teaching students.

Ann Romanczyk Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching and research interests:
Social cognition, social influence, eyewitness testimony, decision processes, persuasion and stereotyping.

Jennifer Sanftner Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching and research interests:
Clinical psychology, including personality, psychological disorders, and psychotherapy; psychology of gender; eating disorders, emotions, and interpersonal functioning; Health Psychology.

Linda Veronie Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching and research interests

Jennifer Willford Ph.D. Email Web Page
Teaching and research interests:
Behavioral neuroscience, including neuroimaging, development, substance abuse, and cognition; Behavioral Teratology; and Psychiatric Epidemiology.

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Lesli Somerset
Lesli Somerset - Featured Student

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