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 Requirements for Internships 



NOTE:  As of the Fall 2012 Acacemic Year, Internships and Practicums can only be taken in the Spring and Summer terms (as available).

Students may register for an Internship or Practicum in Psychology when they have met the following requirements:

1. Class Standing: Approval for an Internship or Practicum requires that a student be in good standing as a Junior or Senior. 

2. Course Requirements:

·         Introduction to Psychology (PSYC 105)

·         Introduction to Behavioral Statistics (PSYC 221)

·         Introduction to Experimental Psychology with Lab (PSYC 325/326)

·         NOTE: Students MUST earn a C or higher in EACH of the above classes in order to be eligible for an Internship or Practicum

·         At least 5 Core Electives (from list below):

  Ø  Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 276)
Ø  Learning (PSYC 303)
Ø  Introduction to Psychological Testing (PSYC 306)
Ø  Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience (PSYC 311)
Ø  Cognitive Psychology (PSYC 338)
Ø  Developmental Psychology (PSYC 344)
Ø  History of Psychology (PSYC 360)
Ø  Social Psychology (PSYC 377)

3. Minimum QPA Requirements:

·         Overall and Psychology QPA of 3.0 is required for Internship in Psychology and Research Practicum in Psychology

·         Overall QPA of 2.0 and Psychology QPA of 2.5 for Community Service Practicum in Psychology

4.  All Internships and Practicums MUST be approved by the Internship/Practicum Director, the Department Chair, and the Student’s Advisor. 

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