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 Information for Freshman Students  



  All incoming and current Freshmen:
  • The Department of Psychology welcomes you! 
  • We are glad you have chosen Slippery Rock University to meet your educational needs.


  • Make sure you sign up for an orientation date prior to starting here.  The orientation will give you lots of good information and start your college career off on the right foot. 
  • During your orientation, you will be able to meet with a member of the Psychology Department faculty, who can answer a lot of your questions.


  • Your fall schedule will be completed for you based on the most important courses for you to take.
  • This will include Introduction to Psychology, which is the first class you need to take for the Psychology Major.
  • You will also be placed into a 1-credit FYRST Seminar.  This class will teach you about the resources and strategies you will need to be successful in completing your psychology degree.

Psychology Department Minimum Standards:

  • The department of psychology has minimum standards that you should be aware of: 
  • First, we require that you receive a grade of C or higher in several classes, including Introduction to Psychology. 
  • We also require that students maintain at least a 2.5 GPA for their psychology courses.
  • This means that if you consistently receive C’s in your psychology classes, you will quickly become deficient.  Students who are deficient are placed on probation for one semester, and are eventually dismissed if they cannot maintain the 2.5.

Your Advisor:

  • At the start of the fall semester, you will be assigned an advisor.  This will be a full time member of the psychology department faculty.  Your advisor will help you plan schedules as well as be available to answer questions about planning for your career and/or applying to graduate school.
  • Your advisor is available during regular semesters and has office hours that are posted both in the office and on this site.
  • Take the initiative to seek out your advisor; we are here to help you, but we do not know what you need unless you come to us.

Life as a Freshman at Slippery Rock University:

  • There are many opportunities to become involved in clubs, organizations, activities, sports, and other extra-curricular activities.  Also, with Slippery Rock being a residential campus, there will be numerous ways for you to develop social connections.Involvement in activities and social connections must be balanced with academics, with careful use of time management.  It is always important to keep in mind the main reason you are here – to earn a degree.
  • Earning your degree requires success in academics and in carefully selected additional activities. 

How to Approach Classes:

  • College life can be very different from high school.  Your professors will hold you accountable for ensuring you come to class and complete your work on time. 
  • Also, whereas in high school, you had the whole school year for each of your courses, in college you have semesters.  This means that if you get behind, it is much more difficult to catch up.  So, stay on top of things and attend your classes!
  • If you find yourself struggling in a class, do not be afraid to approach the professor to let them know what is going on.  This will enable us to help you keep from falling behind.

Click here for additional information on being or becoming a freshman at Slippery Rock University.

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