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Psychology is the study of human and animal behavior.  Psychology has three faces: It is a discipline, a major subject of study in colleges and universities.  It is a science, a method of conducting research and of understanding behavioral data.  Psychology is also a profession, a calling that requires one to apply special knowledge, abilities, and skills in order to solve human problems.  Thus, the department’s mission is threefold. 

  • First, we strive to provide our students with discipline specific knowledge that is accurate and reflects current approaches in the field of psychology. 
  • Second, we instruct them in the scientific method of acquiring knowledge and enhance their research skills and sense of inquiry. 
  • Third, we prepare students to enter the profession in which they can apply the knowledge and abilities acquired to understand and suggest solutions for real-world problems. 

The cornerstone of our mission and our curriculum is a commitment to provide our students with a strong experimental foundation, or understanding that psychology is a science, and as such uses the scientific method to conduct research and to understand behavior.  This experimental foundation is necessary so that students are prepared to do research, or if that is not in their plans, to be critical consumers of the research literature in whatever area of psychology they choose.

Psychology Department Concepts

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Lesli Somerset - Featured Student

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