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 Richard L. Port Ph.D.    



Dr. Port served the Psychology Department for 24 years. Regretfully, he passed away in April 2012. He will be dearly remembered for his commitment to teaching students. He worked with and mentored countless students and was a valued colleague and faculty member. He will be fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Dr. Port completed his BS in Psychology at Penn State University in 1980 and his Ph.D. from Ohio University in 1985. After completing a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Pittsburgh, he joined the Psychology Department faculty at Slippery Rock University. He taught Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Behavioral Statistics, Introduction to Behavioral Neuroscience, and Drugs and Behavior. He also conducted research in the areas of neurobiological foundations of learning and memory; anatomy, physiology, and pathology of the hippocampal formation; mathematical modeling, systems analysis, and neural networks; and physiological, anatomical, and cognitive effects of stress and aging. Dr. Port served in the Air Force and as an EMT and Grants Coordinator with the Grove City Volunteer Fire Department.

Student and Colleague Tributes to Dr. Port:

Dr. Port always went out of his way to help any student that needed it, which I appreciated so much. He made his classes really interesting as well. He will be dearly missed.

Dr. Port was always a funny guy and always made his classes challenging yet entertaining. He will be greatly missed!

Dr. Port was a wonderful professor and will be dearly missed.

Dr. Port had a great sense of humor and made class enjoyable. He was an excellent professor. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

Dr. Port always seemed to be so relaxed. When I was feeling flustered he had a way of calming me down with just a few words. He was a nice guy and will never be forgotten!

Although I only knew him for a few weeks, as his last few days of teaching were when I had him for Statistics, Dr. Port never hesitated to help his students. It was instantly obvious that his concern for all of his students and fellow staff was a great deal to him. The Psychology Department lost an incredible member of the staff.

Dr. Port was so funny! He was very helpful and such a nice guy. He will be missed!

Dr. Port had a heart of gold hidden under a rough, semi-sarcastic exterior. I was intimidated by him at first, but soon realized that he was a softy. His door was always opened to me and helped me in too many ways to list. He was a tremendous adviser and mentor. I will never forget the confidence that he gave me. He made me realize that I could get through the difficulties and challenges of being a non-traditional student at this university. He was a brilliant man and will be greatly missed by all who truly knew him well.

I first met Dr. Port when I changed my major to Psychology. He was my Behavioral Statistics professor. The class was never boring with all of his jokes and sarcasm; Dr. Port brought such a unique personality to our department. He is truly missed. I know that he has greatly impacted my life as well as many others. I am lucky to have shared memories with such an accomplished man. I will miss seeing his friendly face standing outside of Vincent to greet me.

Without Dr. Port I can guarantee I would not have graduated on time. In November of 2010 I came to Dr. Port to switch my major to Psychology. He made time for me and figured out exactly what I had to do in order to graduate this coming May. He was nothing but helpful and encouraging to me from that moment forward. Thank you Dr. Port!!!!

I first came to meet Dr. Port when I had recently added Psychology as a second major to my Early Education major. He was my Behavioral Stats professor and at first, I was highly intimidated by him as I never quite knew how to take his jokes. Within the first week of class, he made a comment about how stupid education majors are, which turned me away quite quickly. After having a one on one meeting with him, I quickly grew to like him as he was so very helpful to me! He will forever be missed by so many, I know I personally miss seeing him stand outside Vincent every morning when I walk inside.

I remember the day I switched my major and needed his signature to do so. He was so sarcastic, yet honest with me about the choice I was making. This made me realize the switch was worth while. From then on, he was my professor, and a friend I would hang around outside of Vincent with... He will always be remembered and greatly missed.

To one of the greatest minds I have ever met - thank you. thank you for teaching me the things you knew; for encouraging me to keep going despite the incredible odds; for providing me with the opportunity to learn in a lab, classroom, library, in front of the building while enjoying the sunshine (and a cigarette), and from the world itself; for having an open door and an open mind (and not to mention a wicked sense of humor); for challenging me to do more than i ever thought possible; for laughing at me and with me; for smoothing out difficult transitions; for little white rat friends and a pretty awesome chance to experiment with fruit-loops and little food pellets; for recommendations and suggestions - i owe much of who i am to who you were. it has been an honor to be a character in your story, and a pleasure to have worked with you. rest in peace.


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