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GSPT Vision: The Graduate School of Physical Therapy at Slippery Rock University will prepare entry level physical therapists for autonomous, evidence-based practice providing direct patient/client management and prevention and wellness services. Graduates will be highly competent and display professional behaviors in dynamic health care environments. The graduates will be capable of serving the health care needs of consumers and a global society while contributing to the advancement of the profession.

Slippery Rock University Vision: Slippery Rock University will excel as a caring community of lifelong learners connecting with the world.


GSPT Mission: The Graduate School of Physical Therapy at Slippery Rock University will prepare therapists who demonstrate competent, ethical, evidence-based practice and professional behaviors in a dynamic health care environment. The Graduates will be lifelong learners who serve the health care needs of consumers and global society while contributing to the advancement of the profession.

College of Health, Environment and Science Mission Statement: We are student-centered, interdisciplinary educators, with a focus on research, service and the global community.

Slippery Rock University Mission: The fundamental mission of Slippery Rock University is to provide high quality undergraduate and graduate academic instruction. Complementary missions are to conduct scholarly research, to promote professional performance, and to address the educationally-related economic, health, environmental, social, cultural, and recreational needs of the region served by the University.


DPT Philosophy: 
  • We believe that the field of physical therapy will continue to represent a challenging endeavor that will focus on the efficient delivery of a variety of health care services to a diverse population of consumers whose needs will include optimizing function, education, prevention and promotion of wellness. This requires professional involvement, community service, research and life-long learning.
  • We believe that physical therapy education must produce entry-level doctoral level graduates that are proficient in the foundational, clinical and behavioral sciences. The educational process must provide a fertile environment for critical thinking, self-inquiry, active learning, service learning and cultural sensitivity, with the modeling of responsible and ethical behavior. This requires collaborating with colleagues for the professional exchange of information.
  • We believe that the faculty must be ethical and competent role models for students through participating in clinical practice, research, university governance and professional activities. Faculty will be deeply committed to serving as student mentors to produce graduates who recognize the competent administration of patient care as a privilege and a critical service to society.
  • We believe that patients are deserving of the highest quality of care by physical therapists and student physical therapists who demonstrate respect, compassion and cultural sensitivity regardless of the patient's physical, mental, and/or socioeconomic status. We also believe that all patients must provide informed consent and are empowered through education and intervention to manage their condition.


Doctor of Physical Therapy program outcomes: 

  1. Effective oral, written, and professional communication, in all contexts, for purposes of education, consultation, patient management and developing professional relationships.
  2. Integration of knowledge of biological, physical, behavioral, and clinical sciences for clinical decision making.
  3. Competent performance of each element of the APTA patient/client management model, including clinical decision making for different diagnoses, intervention and appropriate referral.
  4. Promotion of optimum health and function to culturally diverse patient/client populations. 
  5. Capability to critically evaluate the professional literature to become evidence-based practitioners and demonstrate basic competence in research processes.
  6. Effective leadership and business practices in physical therapy.
  7. Professional behavior consistent with ethical and legal standards of the profession. 
  8. Continuous professional and personal growth to advance professional competence, career goals and the profession.

Slippery Rock University Outcomes for student learning and development: 

  1. Aesthetic Perceptions and ability: Appreciate artistic expression and demonstrate an understanding of the creative process, finding vital and original ways to express feelings and insights in one's work
  2. Communication: Communicate effectively in speech and in writing, using appropriate information sources, presentation formats and technologies.
  3. Social and Civic Responsibility: Use knowledge of evolving human intuitions and of diverse cultural and historical perspectives to interact effectively in a variety of social and political contexts.
  4. Values and ethics: Demonstrate an understanding of how the values of personal integrity, cooperative action and respect for diversity influence one's own behavior and the individual and group behaviors of others. 
  5. Personal Development: Demonstrate intellectual curiosity, as well as a commitment to wellness, and to emotional and spiritual growth. 
  6. Global Interdependence: Act with an understanding of the cultural, socioeconomic and biological interdependence of planetary life.
  7. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Locate, analyze, synthesize and evaluate, information and ideas from multiple perspectives: mathematical, scientific and humanistic. Apply this information literacy to contemporary challenges.
  8. Professional Proficiency: Apply knowledge and skills to meet professional competencies within a specific discipline. 

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