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Traditional / 4+3 Applicants: If you have a bachelor's degree and would like to apply to the Slippery Rock University Graduate School of Physical Therapy please click HERE.

Slippery Rock University 3+3 Option: This unique program provides Slippery Rock University undergraduate students the opportunity to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree(DPT) in six years rather than the usual seven years. How does it work? As a Slippery Rock undergraduate who has chosen the 3+3 option, you will have the chance during your junior year to apply for admission to the SRU DPT program. If accepted, your first year in the DPT program will meet requirements for your undergraduate degree as well as begin your graduate path towards a degree in physical therapy. Transfer students to SRU are not eligible for the 3+3 option. Undergraduate degree programs eligible for the 3+3 option:

Slippery Rock University 4+3 Option: If you have a bachelor's or are anticipating having your bachelor's degree this spring or summer, you may apply to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. In order to matriculate in the program next fall, however, you must submit a final transcript to the SRU Graduate Admissions office documenting that you have sucessfully earned a bachelor's degree. Each year the SRU DPT program receives applications form prospective students throughout the US and even a few from other countries. If you are a high school student interested in physical therapy as a career, please contact the Admission Office for a Slippery Rock University application (724-738-2015). 

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Registration: Slippery Rock University Doctor of Physical Therapy students go through the program as a cohort. Unlike undergraduates, DPT students do not register for courses each semester. Rather, the department secretary registers students for courses with input from course instructors. This diminishes registration mistakes and decreases the amount of time required of students in attending to administrative activities while going through the program.

Student Housing:

Housing for 1st & 2nd-Year Students: Most 1st and 2nd-Year DPT students live off campus in Slippery Rock. Students often share apartments or houses with other DPT students. For those DPT students sharing an apartment or house with one or more other students, it is recommended that roommates also be in the DPT program. On-campus housing is also available. Students interested in on campus housing can get additional information here.

Housing for 3rd-Year Students: Students are responsible for arranging and paying for any housing or transportation required during clinical rotations. Most clinical sites used by the SRU DPT program do not provide housing. Students should consider neighborhood safety and ease of transportation in addition to costs when making housing arrangements.

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