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 Meet our Faculty and Staff 



Meet Our Staff

Storm Harbor's employees include a Director, Assistant Director, EAA SRU Class Instructor, Intercollegiate Equestrian Team Coach, PATHInt.(NARHA) Instructors, Graduate Assistants, and Student Workers.

Full Time Staff

Storm Harbor is under the Direction of Courtney Gramlich, CTRS.


We currently have five PATH International (NARHA) Certified Instructors that teach therapeutic riding lessons Monday through Friday all year round to individuals with disabilities. Instructors plan and implement lessons to riders throughout the week.  They are specially trained and have been certified to teach proper and safe riding lessons.  They have all completed the certification process through PATH International.  If you are interested in becoming an Instructor please call us at 724-738-4010 we will be happy to get you started or go to for more information on the certification process.

Jess Lowry   

Kelly Sheehan

Part Time Staff

*Storm Harbor is owned by Slippery Rock University which gives students an opportunity for volunteer and part time employment jobs.  We currently have about 10 paid Student Workers who help run our program and keep the horses happy and healthy. Our Student Workers work hard for their money. 

*Duties of a Student Worker include AM and PM Barn Chores, such as: Feeding, Watering, Turning Out and Cleaning Stalls, Cleaning the Barn/Arenas, Simple Office Work and Helping out with Special Events.  Also, Student Workers are required to help out with lessons. This may include Tacking/Grooming the horses before Lessons, Leading or Side Walking with the riders and Cleaning up after Lessons are over.

 Become a Student Worker

To become a Student Worker at Storm Harbor we ask that you become an active volunteer so you can learn how we run our programs and take care of the horses.  Once we have a position open we will then search through our active volunteers and offer the jobs to people who are dedicated to our program and have a good understanding about how things run around here.


During the fall and spring semesters at SRU we have a lot of help from the University students and local community members. We currently have about 30 active volunteers.  We welcome anyone with an interest in working with horses and people with disabilities.


We are not open for the public to ride but one perk of becoming a volunteer is getting to participate in Volunteer Riding Days. This is your opportunity to learn how to ride or just hop on and head out on the trail.  It’s our way of saying thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  

Director: Courtney Gramlich, CTRS

Assistant Director: Jess Lowry, CTRS

Faculty/EAA Class Instructor: E

PATH Intl.  Instructors: Whitney Angelini, Jess Lowry, Kelly Sheehan, Tori Filer


All of Storm Harbor's instructors are certified through PATHInt.(NARHA), the largest organization in the US for Equine-Assisted Activities.



SRU Equestrian Team Coaches


Western Team: Tammy Braham  

English Team:

Amy Kiefer

Team Advisor: Courtney Gramlich 





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325 PT Building, SRU, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

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