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 Participant Paperwork 



Participant Paperwork

Storm Harbor requires that participants fill out the forms below prior to participating in activities at the center. The forms must also be updated every year. Participants include individuals with disabilities or siblings who are taking lessons, camp riders, special olympics riders, community camp riders, tour/field trip participants, etc.

These forms are NOT for volunteers or equestrian team riders.

You may print out and complete the forms, and then send them to:

Storm Harbor Equestrian Center
325 Physical Therapy Building
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Riders with a disability must complete ALL of the following forms except for the scholarship forms. Scholarship forms are optional and only for weekly riders with financial need.

Community camp riders or other riders without a disability only need to complete the Participant Packet. These riders do not need a medical form or scholarship form.

Participant Packet
Required for all participants at Storm Harbor! Includes rules, registration, emergency consent, and confidentiality policy.

Note: Check "yes" that you received the Zoonoses Packet. A link to the Zoonoses Packet is below.
Equine Zoonoses
We are required to distribute this packet, but you do not need to print it out. It is not a form. It contains information on diseases that can be contracted from equines.
Medical History
This form must be signed by a physician. Only for riders with a disability!
Scholarship Information and Application Sheet
Optional information on scholarships and the Storm Harbor scholarship application. Only for riders with disabilities who have financial need and would like to participate in weekly therapeutic riding lessons.
Any questions reguarding paperwork please contact Jess Kloecker at



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Mailing Address:
325 PT Building, SRU, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

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