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Our Program

Welcome to Storm Harbor Equestrian Center! We are located in Slippery Rock Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh. We are a non profit organization and we are owned by Slippery Rock Unversity.  Our main focus is to provide weekly therapeutic riding lessons for individuals with disabilities. Our facility is home to 12 horses (Click on Meet Our Horses to get to know them!).  Each of our horses are very easy going and very lovable, some of our riders have formed close friendships with our horses. We currently have four PATH Intl. Certified Instructors that teach therapeutic riding lessons monday through friday all year round to individuals with disabilities. We also provide therapeutic opportunities by teaching some of our riders how to groom, tack and take care of the horses.

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

*Balance*Posture*Coordination*Muscular Strength*Gross/Fine Motor skills*ROM Sensory Integration*Endurance*Visual/Spatial Orientation*Socialization* Cooporation*Confidence*Communication *Attention*Responsibility*Teamwork*Respect*Independence*Trust *Relationships*Color Recognition* Shapes*Verbalization*Vocabulary *Sequencing*Reading/Math skills* and much more!!

Benefits of Therapeutic Riding are achieved through the use of the horses movement, stretches and goal oriented Lesson Plans. Each Rider is assessed individually and the Certified Instructors will take the riders Initial Assessment and incorporate all of the information into a detailed individual lesson plan. Each rider will ride for about 30 minutes to an hour and after each lesson they are evaluated by the Instructor.

Community Outreach

We also have many programs that reach out to local individuals with and without disabilities, young childeren on the autism spectrum, local community groups, such as high schools, scout troops, church groups and many more.

We work with other programs that are managed by the Adapted Physical Activity Minor, such as VIP Camp and Kids in Action. We also give group tours and talks, equine assisted activity field trips, and hold camps for children without disabilities in the community. Click the links to the left to learn more about each of our programs!

If you are interested in participating at the center, please fill out our       Participant Forms or email us at



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Physical Address:
1 Storm Harbor Drive, SRU, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Mailing Address:
325 PT Building, SRU, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

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