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 SRU Liberal Studies Program 



Liberal Studies 5 Year Review

2011 Liberal Studies Program Changes

The SRU faculty has developed the Liberal Studies Program to be part of every student's experience. Our purpose is not to teach you "all you need to know." Rather, we want to give you the opportunity to explore different ideas and to gain appreciation for several ways of knowing. In this way, we hope to encourage you to develop those intellectual insights and skills that will enable you to enjoy a lifetime of learning. 

The program contains six critical goals. Other worthy goals could be identified, but in choosing these six areas the faculty made an important determination about what will create an academic experience that is unique to Slippery Rock University.

First, every student picks one or two "Goal Courses" in each area. The faculty carefully developed these options to ensure that every student has a solid intellectual foundation. 

Then, in certain goal areas, you have the opportunity to choose other work from a wide class selection identified as "Enrichment Courses." These courses give you the chance to broaden and deepen your understanding , always relating the new experiences to the seven critical goals.  For example, a film history course could be considered an enrichment course in the arts goal area. 

Lastly, we identified co-curricular "Supporting Experiences," which are activities and programs available to all students. This would encompass working on student publications, belonging to honoraries or working with various special on-campus special interest groups. These activities prove that the university experience is not and ought not be contained wholly in the classroom. The co-curricular offerings can enrich your education and may be related directly to the fundamental academic values identified by the faculty.

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