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 Mission and Goals 



CLA Mission Statement

The College of Liberal Arts at Slippery Rock University is home to the fine and performing arts, the humanities and the social sciences. Its mission is to: 


·         Provide students with solid historical, cultural, and philosophical foundations in the humanities, fine and performing arts, while improving their capacity to think creatively, communicate effectively, and act with ethical and aesthetic awareness of the world we all share.

·         Enrich the cultural lives of students and community, and to play a positive role in passing on this cultural heritage to future generations.

·         Contribute to the creation of rewarding and meaningful lives through responsible citizenship and stewardship within a diverse and increasingly interconnected world.

·         Contribute to the cultural life of the region, promoting reflection, understanding and richer experiences for students and our communities.

·         Promote a better understanding of the complexity and interdependence of social and political systems and processes.

·         Promote faculty excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, and service as models and mentors for student achievement.

CLA Goals – Students will:


·         Gain understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of the liberal arts.

·         Expand creative and intellectual horizons.

·         Develop a spirit of inquiry leading to a commitment to life-long learning.

·         Engage in co-curricular activities as participants and/or audience members.

·         Enhance understanding of cultural/ethnic diversity and commonalities, while exploring the arts, philosophies, languages, literatures, societal and political issues.

·         Analyze and interpret creative works, data, artifacts and historical texts.

·         Communicate effectively in oral and written modes using varied media and information sources.

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