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Council of Three Rivers American Indian Center

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, University Union MPR

Description: 34 Native Americans will perform, speak, and demonstrate traditional and contemporary Native American existence in Western PA.  Participants are indigenous tribal people from the Pittsburgh area who are award-winning traditional dances, drummers, and singers in their tribal traditions.

 9:30am Grand Entry/Welcome
 9:45am Dance Demonstration    Dancing, Drumming, Singing
 10:00am Native American Storytelling:  Miguel Sague
 10:15am Artifacts & Arts
 10:30am Dancing: Audience Participation
 11:45am Vendors, Arts, Artifacts, Videos
 12:20pm  DRUM CALL for PANEL
 12:30pm  Panel Discussion:  Where Are All The Indians?  We're Surrounded

Indian Mascots & Today's Indians
Dr. Rachela Permenter, Dr. Pamela Soeder, Dr. Frederick White, Russell Simms, Chanel Wissner, and SRU Students    

 1:45pm Dance Demonstration
 2:30pm-4:00pm Dancing:  Audience Participation