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Student Testimonials

Whitney Kasprzak '09 - History - "The History Department's devotion to their studies and students should not go unrecognized by anyone.  I have never met a more influential group of individuals.  These professors care about their students' academic careers and want to get to know their students - two qualities which supersede student expectations."

Stephanie Frey '09 - Dance - "The opportunities presented to me during my education at Slippery Rock have been immeasurable.  Leadership positions, work opportunities and professional interactions, along with broad-ranging and relevant social activities, has created an environment at Slippery Rock that is oriented to education, community, and growth.  This environment, both challenging and nurturing, has provided invaluable guidance for my educational and career decisions and has also made my Slippery Rock University experience the best time of my life."

Jason Fialkovich '09 - English - "I would not have the skills or confidence that I possess today if it were not for SRU's English department faculty.  My appreciation does not measure close to their determination in pushing me to become the best writer and thinker that I can become."

Darcy Karas '09 - Dance - "My experience at Slippery Rock University has been one full of opportunity and positive experiences.  From the day I moved in to my freshman dorm, I was given the opportunity to become not only a well rounded student, but a productive member of the community.  My professors are outstanding mentors and have encouraged me to complete the best work I could imagine. I was given the opportunity through the Dance Department to be the head teacher of the Saturday Children's Dance Program.  Teaching in this program has taught me professional and communication skills that I could not have learned anywhere else. Through these experiences, my four years at SRU have shaped me into a confident and educated leader, and I could not be more proud of the place I came to for an undergraduate degree" 

Rosemary McMillen '09 - English - "As a student of Slippery Rock University, I can say that the Creative Writing program at our school has contributed greatly to my growth as a writer and as a student.  I have always felt that, in class and out, a concern was taken for me as an individual.  My opinion mattered, my writing was taken seriously and attention was given to my work so that I could truly improve my skills.  There is an air of camaraderie among fellow students and faculty that encourages personal growth, and professors take the effort to truly get to know you, along with your strengths and weaknesses. I had the chance to collaborate on an art-text project with other students that was presented publicly; to attend the PCTELA conference, where my work was displayed; and to work with the campus literary magazine, SLAB.  All of these things have given me valuable, concrete experience in my field.  With graduation looming ever closer, I have also received much guidance and advice about what to do after graduation, as well as realistic options for my future.  I believe that the Creative Writing program at Slippery Rock University has helped shape who I am as a writer, and has a lot to offer students who wish to pursue writing as a professional goal."

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