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 Women's Studies Faculty Members 



Directors of the Women’s Studies Program

·         Cindy LaCom 2009 – present

·         Jace Condravy 1991 – 2009

Women’s Studies Teaching Faculty: Past and Present

Women's Studies - Interdisciplinary:

Department of Modern Languages and Culture:

Jace Condravy

Patricia Annable (e)

Department of English:

Deborah Cohen

Nancy Barta-Smith

Eva Daddesio

Elizabeth R. Curry

Hannah Zinni (e)

Danette Dimarco

Department of Philosophy:

Cindy Lacom

William Oman (e)

Rachela Permenter

Katie Cooklin

Erica Scott

Department of Psychology:

Department of History:

Donald Voss (e)

John A. Nichols

Jennifer Sanftner

John M. Craig

Catherine Massey

Department of Music:

Department of Political Science:

Nanette Kaplan Solomon

Heather Frederick


Sharon Sykora

Women’s Studies Committee

Membership on the Women's Studies Committee is voluntary, comprised of interested faculty, students, and staff. All members of the University community are invited to participate in the program's monthly meetings as well as other events and projects. This flexible approach to membership is meant to maximize the participation of individuals who might, in other settings, be somewhat less likely to play an active role in decision making. The inclusiveness of this approach encourages mutual learning and support among members for the benefit of the university and community. Faculty members, however, are responsible for the design and teaching of the courses that carry credit toward the minor or certificate in women's studies. As well, faculty members take responsibility for guiding courses through the appropriate departmental and university curriculum approval processes.

Openness is one of the qualities highly valued by members of women's studies committees and programs across the country, thus the committee at Slippery Rock has emphasized this value in the way it approaches its mission. The committee works in a non-hierarchical fashion. Responsibilities for programs and projects are shouldered by qualified, and, most importantly, committed volunteers. Faculty, students and staff are consulted for their opinions on a variety of questions including suggestions about courses, special events and activities.

A director, formally appointed by the university, coordinates group activities and fosters the development of relationships between the Women's Studies Program and other groups and organizations. Also, the director defines, along with the members of the committee, the agenda, both short and long term, and works with the graduate assistant on a variety of tasks. In general, the director of Women's Studies strengthens the program's curriculum and fosters a positive environment for women and for men in the Slippery Rock campus community.

Women’s Studies Committee Chairpersons

·         Elizabeth R. Curry 1977 – 1981

·         Roberta L. Braden 1981 – 1983

·         John A. Nichols 1983 – 1986

·         Jace Condravy 1986 – 1990

·         Catriona Higgs and Laurel Dagnon 1990 – 1991

·         Jace Condravy (1991 – 2008)

·         Cindy LaCom (2009 – present)