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 Women's Studies: Student Comments 



Students were asked to report their reactions to Intro to WMST (101)

"Men can really generate a different perspective needed to really open up the discussions that start in class. Everyone should take this class." (Sammy Post)

"Men and everyone should be interested. I feel this class is ultimately about the human experience, not just women." (Bailey Bretz)

"This class was amazing. I learned copious amounts of valuable information that has shaped and changed my life. This class has helped me solidify my personal identification as a feminist." (Kayla Hersperger)

"I definitely think men should be interested in this class because it helps to bridge the gaps between men and women. Women can hear men’s viewpoints and men can hear women’s viewpoints." (Liz Hannay)

"Yes this class was valuable; teaching me how to express my views to people of a radically different mindset without upsetting them. Also this class helped me identify the root issues causing problems in society." (Brodie Warren)

"This class was awesome. Everyone had such a different point of view and class environment was such that everyone's expressions and points of view were heard." (Laura)

"Men should be interested because I think that, in reality, feminist and women's studies is really more about gender issues and equality." (Lauren Bush)

"This class was valuable, opening my eyes to the problems women face every day and to the pressures society not only places on females, but males also." (Courtney)

"This class is extremely valuable for both people who consider themselves to be feminists as well as for those who don't because if nothing else, it will force you to reconsider your values and ideas that you have learned all throughout your life." (Karlee)

"This class was valuable to me in many ways. The first way would be because I have a better understanding of what a feminist is and the importance of being a feminist. The other way would be that I was able to learn a lot by the different readings from around the world." (Carly)

"This class was extremely valuable to me because it taught me a lot of issues that both men and women encounter both here and abroad, past and present." (Ashley Ranck)