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Ceremics Building

The ceramics studio is approximately 1800 square feet with four separate rooms; the general studio area, glaze lab, clay mixing room, and kiln room. The general studio is set up for both hand building and wheel throwing with large canvas covered tables, slab roller, extruder, nine Brent electric wheels and twenty one motorized kick wheels. The kiln room is equipped with two computerized electric kilns, one thirty two cubic foot gas kiln and one fifty cubic foot gas cart kiln. There are portable raku kilns available and access to off campus wood kiln. Clay and glazes are supplied to enrolled students. They also enjoy the privilege of access to glaze lab and clay mixing room for individual projects.

The ceramics program does not specify any single approach to working with clay. The curriculum is designed to allow the students to investigate and discover their personal approach to the medium.

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Art Ceramics Building (ACB); number 21
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Featured Art Student:
Connie Briggs
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